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Jan 27, 2013 10:04 AM

Im going to toronto for my girlfriends birthday

Hi, so I'm going to Toronto in march for my girlfriends birthday. I would like to take he out for lunch/dinner and cake for her birthday, but not being from Toronto I don't really know what there is to offer. Her favorites are sushi and pasta so I was hoping for some suggestions as to somewhere we with decent All You Can Eat for example. Also, seeing as it's her birthday I would also really appreciate suggestions as to where we can go for a nice piece of cake or other dessert rather than just hope for the best at whatever restaurant we end up at. We will be staying at a hotel in the downtown area of toronto so the closer to downtown the better since we don't have a car (we will be staying along Yonge). We're in our early 20s and travelling on a bit of a budget so we're looking for restaurants with good food and feedback without costing an arm and a leg.

On that note, since I am not from toronto I also don't know what to do while I'm there (I will only be there two days) so if anybody can suggest anything that could be fun for me and my girlfriend that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced

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  1. Hi there,

    If you could provide a cross intersection where your hotel is located it might help with recommendations. Are you looking for something within walking distance from your hotel?

    1. "AYCE sushi" and "good" tends to get treated as a bit of an oxymoron on this board. You might try searching something like "Best ayce sushi". If you don't mind sharing what your budget may be for the sushi dinner out (with or without alcohol) that may be of help for suggestions of non-ayce sushi restaurants as well.

      Off the top of my head, though, I'd say if you planned the sushi for lunch you're likely to save some money there as lunch pricing tends to be less expensive. That would leave Italian for dinner where you're more likely to find a nice piece of cake.

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        Hey sorry I didn't notice you asked me something lol. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. We would be looking to spend hopefully around 50 dollars (less if possible, without alcohol) and my girlfriend agrees with you on the lunch part. thank you in advanced for answering me again.

      2. For pasta you could take the subway up to Lil' Baci (it's North on Yonge). They have good food at reasonable prices.

        I have played "tour guide" in Toronto with visiting friends before and they have enjoyed the following:
        - Walking around Chinatown (you can have a cheap lunch by stopping at one of the bakeries there).
        - Stopping by the Renaissance hotel and having a drink at the bar with view of the Rogers Centre (where the Blue Jays/Argos play).
        - Going for a drink at Panorama Lounge (view of Toronto).
        - CN tower
        - Seeing a show at the Theatre (Mirvish or Lower Ossington)
        - Visit the St Lawrence Market - have a peameal sandwich from Carousel Bakery - delish!
        - Skating at Nathan Philips Square on their outdoor rink

        For sushi you may want to consdier Echo or California Roll.

        Here is a link to a recent discussion about AYCE sushi:

        Have a good trip!

        1. For cake - take her to Prairie Girl for a cupcake - YUM!

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          1. re: TeacherFoodie

            OP could definitely pick up some cupcakes there but it's not open in the evenings or Sundays and is really take out only. But nice fresh cupcakes if you like that style, and you can get cute toppers, at a price.

            1. re: julesrules

              I will add for the benefit of our visitor that the King St East location's entrance is actually around the corner (north) on Victoria Street. And that location is easier to find than the underground one (ie/ First Canadian Place). I do think they would make a fun birthday treat as long as your gf likes sweet, copius icing. Have a great visit!

          2. The original comment has been removed