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Jan 27, 2013 07:40 AM

pizza slices

Where do you find your favourite slice?

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    1. re: kwass

      +1 for Bitondo's. Excellent when they're fresh (most of the time, since they only do a pepperoni slice), not so much when they've been sitting for a while.

    2. I tend stay away from slices. I find slices are almost always bad, as pizza doesn't reheat very well. Sad snapshots of the glory they might have once held.

      If anyone can offer places that serve slices that are reasonably fresh I'm interested :)

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      1. re: magic

        I agree, slices tend to be disappointing. That's the reason I started the thread. If I'm at Pizzaiolo, or another place with a selection of many slices, I always choose a slice from a pizza that was recently taken out of the oven. Or I ask if a pizza is currently in the oven.

        Some of the pizzas in the blogTO link above look pretty good to me, including North of Brooklyn and Bitondo.

        1. re: magic

          I actually find pizza reheats great at my house! Toaster oven or cast iron pan on the stove top gets the bottom nice and crispy, toaster oven browns the top better. But yeah, I rarely eat chain slices, partly because they never reheat them well, plus, the pizza mostly sucked to begin with :) Even Pizza Pizza would be vastly improved (from beyond total suckage to passable mediocrity perhaps) if they just baked them enough in the first place - maybe brown the cheese a bit?!?!? Same with most chain pizza I find.
          I did grab a slice of primavera or something at Pizza Nova the other day, it had lots of fresh spinach, zucchini and maybe artichokes. It wasn't bad but next time I'd ask for extra oven time. They had another one with spinach and feta that also looked good, but underbaked. But it was nice to see and taste lots of green veg.

          1. re: bbbradk

            I've heard Vesuvio's makes really good slices. Unfortunately, I haven't tried them yet.

            1. re: kwass

              I've had a full pie from there and it was really good. I can't attest to the quality of the slices though.


            2. re: bbbradk

              vesuvios is most asuredly not the best slice in town. it's a great piece of pie but in my opinion, being rectangular disqualifies it on principle alone.

              a fresh bitondos slice is the top in town hands down. however they're not always fresh so buyer beware, it's pretty obvious

              fresca on college is very good but greasy and has some bonuses like garlic oil etc that are great

              other than that there's a lot of garbage around and i don't even wanna talk about that north of brooklyn place

                1. re: disgusti

                  Hey Disgusti, you might like Pizza Pizza. There slices are nice and triangular. Rectangular pieces are so confusing! ;)

              1. fresh is aways better than stale, but the pizzaiolo near adelaide & bay is super busy at lunch time. but even late, their oven seems to heat slices to even hotness rather quickly.

                their "gianni ola" is a winner. for some reason i find this location is much better than others.

                1. Truly has to be Caruso Gourmet Pizza in Bolton, won awards over the years even a few years ago the #1 pizza for Toronto's Breakfast Television show. Best at lunch, choose from over a dozen and a great trick when with a friend, select 2 choices and have them divided so that you can enjoy both types!