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Jan 27, 2013 07:34 AM

Argentinean in Brooklyn = Libertador in Cobble Hill

On a whim I found myself inside this tiny, new Argentinean place in Cobble Hill, just opened in December 2012. My GF is big on Argentinean steakhouses and brought me to La Portena in Jackson Heights once, my only other Argentinean dining experience. She liked Libertador a lot, which is saying something since she's grown up enjoying Argentinean steakhouses with her family.
At Libertador, the Morcilla or blood sausage appetizer was outstanding, served with a small salad. We shared the mixed grill for two, which consisted of great cuts of steak, grilled chicken and one sausage. We found ourselves cleaning off the bones because it was so good! I asked for it well done and it was a little too charred, so I would ask medium next time I'm there. The mixed grill portion wasn't as large as La Portena and it doesn't include offal like La Portena. However, I found it overall more tasty than what I can remember from my visit to La Portena. Everything is accompanied by a wonderful chimichurri sauce.
Dessert was Argentinean crepes with vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche accompanied by a hot wine concoction with fresh cinnamon.
This place isn't cheap. Most entrees were over $20, but the meat tasted high quality. There's also a string of Italian pasta entrees, de rigueur at Argentinean restaurants.
I would recommend this place. Cozy atmosphere & hearty dining perfect for these frigid winter evenings. I haven't been to the Upper East Side location.
Anybody else try this place yet?

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