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Jan 27, 2013 06:23 AM

Driving to Brookville, NY ~ Great places for lunch?

Driving up from the Delaware shore to see my son play against CW POST... where can we have lunch near the campus? Thanks so much!

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  1. Just a quick note that we moved this thread over here from an archived board.

    1. You might enjoy Ben's Deli on Northern Blvd in Greenvale, it is close to the campus and very "New York"

      1. The Post campus is about 10 minutes away from Hicksville, where you can get very good Indian meal at New Chilli and Curry on Woodbury Road.
        In Greenvale, a five minute ride from the Post campus:
        Hunan Taste - for decent/ sometimes very good Chinese food - always crowded and a bit loud.
        Centro Cucina - decent brick oven pizza
        Sarin Thai - for good Thai food.

        1. Ben's is a kosher restaurant with okay food. Bar Frites is in the same shopping center and I would recommend that. Better yet is the Brass Rail in LOcust Valley. Great food