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Jan 27, 2013 06:03 AM

for lunch today: tripe or tongue near Meat Hook in Brooklyn?

Going to a 2PM class at the Meat Hook and want to get lunch before. My two favorite foods are tripe or tongue -- soup, sandwiches, tacos, whatever. Is there anything nearby -- for example, a taqueria -- that would be open today and have these?

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  1. Tacos Morelos on Bedford. Mesa Coyoacan is closer but I think only has the lengua tacos at dinner.

    1. There's an Ecuadorian diner on the other side of Meeker from the Meat Hook, but they have erratic business hours. I think it's on Leonard and Meeker.

      ...Tacos Morelos is lousy.

      1. for another lunch - al di la's tripe is avaialable at lunch/brunch and its awesome. had it the other weekend.

        1. Brooklyn Star has tripe chili, but not for brunch I don't think. Maybe if you're hungry after. Not the best neighborhood for these cuts, unfortunately.