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Jan 27, 2013 05:24 AM

Please help! top choices for tourist during restaurant week.

Feeling lucky that we've going to be in NYC during restaurant week. Want to try some special places and this might be bargain time to try!
I'm game for any category. Got a traveling companion that will like "basic" food types best, but may opt out, do don't limit your choice on that.
Please offer your opinions on top places to check off bucket list! :)
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Is this for dinner or lunch? What days of the week?

    Choices are much more limited at dinner; a lot of the good restaurants only do lunch. Not a lot of "bucket list worthy/must go before you die" places participate nowadays, as the price of RW hasn't really kept pace with inflation in NYC. Many restaurants cut corners or give you only 2 choices per course.

    I have heard good things about Riverpark and Park Ave Winter for dinner. Book ASAP.

    For lunch, place that already have a prix fixe lunch usually do a good job.

    Here is a current thread on Restaurant Week Winter 2013:
    Here is also a discussion on year round prix fixe deals:

    1. Of all the participating restaurants, Riverpark is the only one I consider worthwhile as they offer their entire menu (some dishes do have an additional charge, but I've always been happy with the ones that don't).

      1. Thanks for the ideas Kathryn & Rrems!

        It would only be for Friday dinner & Sun. lunch & dinner.

        Probably average food but in a unique setting would also be good for us.

        While we always try to eat local restaurants on trips, but from a small town without any experience on the deluxe chains, we can go there too.


        I so appreciate your thoughts!

        1. I would strongly recommend David Burke Kitchen.

          Great food, nice ambience, like riverpark their restaurant week menu is a choice of dishes from the actual regular menu and it's in a great location (soho).

          1. For RW 2013 I've been to both Riverpark and Park Avenue Winter and highly recommend both.