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Jan 27, 2013 04:50 AM

Best food in Brooklyn other than Pardes.

I need to meet someone who has looked at the menu at Pardes and decided that it is too "weird" - and also decided that Basil is "just a pizza place" and therefore unworthy by category. They are unpersuadable on these opinions.

So I need to find (today) a place to eat dinner in Brooklyn (meat or dairy but not pizza) that is nice, but not unusual. With a very highly regarded hashgahah.

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  1. Orchidea or Cafe Savor- both dairy, both very normal.

    1. T fusion or glatt a la carte if you want more upscale (meat)

      1. My reply disappeared again :(

        Your friend is missing out. Sometimes it helps to be adventurous. I rave about Pardes everyday.

        But your friend should look into Orchidea. It's a safe bet.

        1. Thank you all very much. It makes me think that I should seek more pretexts to get out to dinner in Flatbush & environs.

          But, while my powers of persuasion failed, my friend phoned Chef Moshe who very patiently and extremely kindly persuaded her that if she would join me there she would indeed not find that the food is too strange to eat.

          So - WHOOHOO!!! I get to eat tonight at Pardes!

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                Wow, Chef Moshe is so sweet to do that!

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                  So... follow up: how did your friend like it?

                  1. re: tamarw

                    Very well. the staff was amazing. Patient, courteous, helpful - none of the condescension you can get from staff at foodie/upscale places when people who don't usually go to foodie places ask quesitons.

                    And my non-foodie friend who never heard of an amuse-bouche and never eats out except at simchas loved everything from the carrot soup through the duck to the lemon curd.

                    When I say courteous, I mean that the waiter suggested - quite correctly - that she would prefer it well done and and the kitchen did it well done but so tender that she thought it was marvelous.

                2. I see that it's all worked out, but if it ever comes up again another option to consider is El Gaucho.