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Jan 26, 2013 09:02 PM

Crystal City Visit, end of February

I'm going to be staying in Crystal City at the end of February, and would love a good Friday lunch recommendation, and a good cupcake place. For lunch, I like salads, burgers, sandwiches - doesn't have to be fancy, but tasty is key! Cupcake recommendations are especially appreciated - they're my favorite! I will have a car, so if someplace is worth a drive, I'm willing to travel. Thank you so much!

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  1. There is a Good Stuff Eatery in Crystal City. I adore the sunnyside burger and they make the best shake I've had. The toasted marshmallow flavor is outrageously good, as is the milky way shake, a good second choice. The village fries are unique and very good.

    It all winds up being a lot of food. You don't have to eat it all, but you'll want to.

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    1. re: Steve

      Thanks Steve - their website made their burgers look irresistible!

    2. There's also a Ted's in CC for burgers. I usually am with Steve on things but find Good Stuff doesn't live up to the hype (not bad - there was just a lot of hype around here). The seasoned fries were overly seasoned the one time I got them, but note it was only one time.

      There's often a cupcake truck here on Tue and Thur, but you can track them via to find where they are on Friday. I'm not a cupcake (or sweets) guy, so that's the most I can help there.

      Honestly, it's not on your list but if I were to come here to have one thing it would be a kabob from Kabob Palace. Second may be something from the Egyptian place by the waterfall, but they're closed right now. There's a greek place on 23rd that's supposed to be good - I still need to check it out myself.

      And you can always do Crystal City Restaurant. Cheap food (that's actually not bad) with added entertainment.

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      1. re: Dennis S

        Thank you so much - adding these to my list!

        1. re: kaytamar

          Make sure you understand the added entertainment for CC restaurant.

          Also to add, the Thai place isn't bad at all - not my fave by far but not bad. And there's Jaleo, which is Spanish Tapas.

          Outside of that, not much here, imo.

        2. re: Dennis S

          Went to Kabob Palace today for lunch - it was absolutely delicious! Trying Jaleo's for dinner tomorrow. Can't wait!

        3. With a car, you may want to consider the short drive to Alexandria where you will have significantly more options for lunch and two cupcake places (Lavender Moon on Royal Street and Alexandria Cupcakes on King Street).

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            Better yet - an even shorter drive to the Buzz Bakery nearish Braddock metro. Best cupcakes in the area, and lots of other fun baked goods. Very worth checking out.

          2. Bakeshop in Arlington, near the Clarendon metro stop, has exquisite cupcakes. Small, light, simple. I find almost all other cupcakes quite heavy, dull, and overly sweet in comparison.

            Excellent lunch at the nearby Lyon Hall, which features Alsatian food. Charcuterie, housemade chevre, a deep and rich onion soup, and shortrib frankfurters with charcroute among the highlights.

            1. Jaleo is great for tapas. If you want a beer and a good environment, head to Crystal City Sports Pub (not to be confused with Crystal City Restaurant). I thought Good Stuff was overrated (dry patty). My husband loves Urban Thai for lunch.

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                I like the Crystal City Sports Pub to watch a game, as I have done many times, but there's nothing noteworthy about any of the food. If I was coming in from out of town, I'd be sorely disappointed to make a special trip there to eat.

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                  I am headed to Jaleo's for dinner tomorrow - thank you!