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Jan 26, 2013 08:51 PM

Crown S Ranch

Does anyone participate in their CSA or buy meat from them? Any other local recommendations for filling my freezer with animal protein?

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  1. I bought a bulk half pig from them last year. The owners are tremendously friendly and I thought the quality of the pork was all that you could ask for.

    My one qualm was that they use a 3rd party butcher who I thought was terrible. I had trouble communicating with her on the phone, and then my cuts didn't end up as I specified. That's probably only an issue if you are very, very specific about how you want your cuts.

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    1. re: adam _p

      Good to know! I took it on faith and signed up for their CSA. I'll be picking up my first share this weekend.

      1. re: Jeri L

        Report back if you would. My guess is you'll be very happy.

        1. re: adam _p

          Having now cooked a couple of packages of beef, one of pork and a lamb "extra" I added on to my order, I can report that I'm thrilled with my decision. I haven't had any issues with how the meat has been cut, but I didn't have it cut to order and I was raised with "locker meat", where you just get the cuts as they come. I've cooked a chuck roast and a big pork steak (enough for two) and didn't feel the need to do any trimming. It's great quality, delicious meat and for me it's worth paying more to know where my food comes from and how it is raised.