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Jan 26, 2013 08:29 PM

Best place to order asparagus crowns and go Jersey or Washington?

I need to start revitalizing a 30-year-old asparagus bed this spring. I've been checking out the crowns available at big box retailers the last few years and none of them look very good. Can anyone recommend a good place to order them online?

Also, I'm sure this bed was planted with Martha or Mary Washington. After a great deal of research, I'm thinking Jersey Giant or Jersey Supreme. The latter are recommended by Ag Extension at Iowa, but U of Minn Ag Extension seems to be stuck on the Washingtons.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. I bought some crowns from Jung online two years ago. 7 of 10 crowns that I planted came up, which was much improved over my previous go at asparagus (and I did not plant them right away, they probably sat in a box for 2 weeks before I got 'em in the ground).

    I forget which variety I bought but if I can find the invoice, I'll let you know...