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Season"s 52 has anyone been there?

One is opening a few miles from my house. I hardly ever go to the mall where it is located; however, I noticed on their web site they have a wine bar. If I have to go to a mall then a nice glass of wine and nibblies might make the experience better.

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  1. To me, Season's 52 is like Cheesecake Factory on a spa diet.

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    1. We have several in the Philadelphia area, including at the King of Prussia Mall. The comparison to Cheesecake Factory is fair, and you have to deal with servers who are always trying to upsell you on everything. Food is tolerable, fresh, and innocuous. They make is sound like they are serving healthy food, but really they are serving small portions of not so healthy food. The restaurants tend to be mobbed, and without a reservation the wait can be daunting. I have eaten at the bar, and that was tolerable. I think the original restaurants which were in Florida are better as they have a better selection of fresh fish. Moving the concept further north has forced the chain to make compromises on the menu.

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        thanks, I was thinking it could be a good place to meet before a movie, but I think I'll skip it. We have a great wine bar about a mile away that would be better. BTW in the 60's I used to visit the King of Prussia mall a lot, I am glad it is still around, I have lots of fond memories of the place.

      2. I had lunch at the one in Indy -- okay, but not worth repeating.

        1. I don't quite get the complaining about S52 here...yes, it's a chain but if were in an area (like a Mall) where chains are pretty much the only option I'd totally pick S52 over most of the competition. I've never found their portions "too small" or anything ... more like what would be a normal serving vs. the typical oversized portioned restaurants give us when quantity matters more than quality.

          That said, I do tend to like their appetizers and entree salads more than the entrees. The flatbreads make for a good light snack with some wine, I liked the duck salad I see is on the current menu, and also the vegetarian tasting plate. My issue with the meat entrees is just, with their health-conscious theme, the cuts tend to be overly lean and not made up for it with enough seasoning.

          They always have a nice and interesting wine list - again, much more so than you'll find at a typical chain. So I'd certainly say stop in some time and try a glass and a small plate at the bar...not much really to lose giving it a try.

          I've been to a bunch of their seasonal tasting dinners so if you check my blog under the seasons 52 tag you can read more of what I thought of the various dishes there.

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            Thanks I appreciate the other POV. I am glad new places are opening in this economy and even if it is a chain I always welcome a new place to visit. For me a glass or two of wine is always a nice respite from the mall.

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                I didn't mean to imply it was negative, I meant that sockii was of a different opinion.

          2. I've been to the one in Tysons Corner VA. I had the lamb and a flatbread appetizer. I liked them both, and I'm looking forward to going back.

            1. I like Seasons 52 here in Tampa, Florida very much. So does my girlfriend. They get a charcoal grilled flavor into most of their grilled dishes which is missing at other restaurants.

              I do not care whether my food is healthy, particularly. So that is not why I go there, although my girlfriend does care.

              I like the food because it tastes good. It is expensive, but high quality ingredients always are. This may be a chain, but it is certainly a different kind of chain than most of its competitors. I particularly recommend the chili in all its various forms.

              It appears that I am in a decided minority in liking this restaurant, based on the comments here, but I do note that on Friday and Saturday nights, the place is packed, with people waiting. The rest of the week I cannot comment on, since I am always out of town on those nights. But I am surprised at the negativity here.

              1. Coming from Orlando the Darden Mecca I have a few things to say about Seaon's 52.

                It has its pros and cons.

                - Great for coworker lunch where most are going to eat salads or healthy type food.

                - An indulgence for a grandparent that may be on a very strict diet due to diabetes, heart problems, etc.

                - I do enjoy their little mini shotglass deserts and for 1.50 a piece its not a bad price.

                - We have always had wonderful service at our location.

                - Hit and miss dishes

                - Salads are not near as luxurious as they would have you believe

                - It's a chain and there is just no way of getting around that

                - The menu, they say is seasonal doesn't really change all that much.

                - Price over all could be less expensive.

                The hit and miss dishes. I had a salad I didn't care for, but was surprised how well the stuffed mushrooms app came out.

                Enjoyed the goat cheese ravioli and the fish tacos. I thought my salmon was not worth the price and a little over cooked.

                It's a good chain and if utilized in the right setting you will have a good time.

                Also to note I thought the portions to be fine, maybe some dishes were just a little over priced for what they are.

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                  I just found the entree dishes were a bit under seasoned and the vegetables which were roasted and caramelized were not that roasted and lacked the sweetness expected from this type of prep. The flat breads and salads are okay. Prices are a little high for the quality of the food. But I'm picky when going out

                  They do cater to those with restrictive diets. Gluten, lactose.....

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                    I've heard to obtain those resticted calorie and less sodium dishes they don't use butter and may even use a salt substitute.

                    Not sure.

                    I agree I am the same way when I go out I want to indulge but with a group who have restrictions or are on diets this is a nice little outing, if you can just take it like it is and enjoy the company.

                2. I haven't been. If someone invites me to go there, I'll try it out, but I just haven't heard any reviews that make me want to go try it out.
                  An organization I belong to had a luncheon there in Dec 2011, the price was about $30 for a soup and salad lunch. That seemed a little overpriced to me for soup and salad, but there were other reasons I was unable to attend. The ladies who did go said it was very crowded, apparently the restaurant was not set up to handle the group. The seating was so tight the wait staff was unable to maneuver around the table. They also said it was very loud, and the food was just "meh".

                  1. We just got a Seasons 52 here in the Boston area (Burlington to be exact). We quite enjoyed our visits to the one in Orlando several years ago but this one has been disappointing. We have made 3 visits in the past 3 or 4 months. The first visit was pretty good, which is why we went back. The second and third times were not good. Drink service is horrendous. We sat in a booth both times in the bar area. We saw our drinks sitting at the server station for 10-20 minutes each time. That's just unacceptable. There is also an issue with the first come first serve policy in the bar area. No one keeps track of who gets the next available table so there is major stalking going on. When we asked at the hostess station about it, there was no explanation.
                    The food is ok but not worth the hassles.

                    1. I've eaten at the Tyson's Corner branch twice, and enjoyed it both times. Food was better than average, and service was outstanding.

                      1. Has anyone managed to find an online menu with prices? They don't put it on their website and I haven't found another site that has it, either.

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                          it's one of the tabs on their website... http://www.seasons52.com/menu/

                          oh! i see, no prices. how strange.

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                            I noticed that awhile ago. Perhaps they charge differently for different locations?

                            Or because the menu is supposed to be seasonal they just skip the prices?

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                              They seem to have changed their ways and their website menus now have prices. It's about time! And yes, some locations have higher prices, but the menus are specific by location.

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                                I don't work in the area where the restaurant is anymore, but I am glad to hear they have prices. It makes it easy to schedule a business lunch there when coworkers and such know how much they will be spending.

                        2. Funny to see this thread pop up after a year of inactivity. Was anyone else listening to 95.5 WPLJ New York radio this morning? They did a segment on their newest location at the Menlo Park Mall in my hometown of Edison NJ!!

                          1. There's one down the street from my office in Santa Monica; it recently opened in the old I Cugini space (a place I actually rather liked).

                            I went there to attend a farewell Happy Hour for a departing partner at my firm a few months ago; the nibbles were forgettable and I didn't drink any wine (long drive afterward), so it didn't register as anything that phenomenal. However, my secretary then had to organize a staff luncheon there a month or so ago, on a day I was working from home and couldn't attend.

                            The verdict from the attendees? A big "meh".

                            In southern California, where farm-to-table is practically a given in any sit-down restaurant with even a beer-and-wine liquor license, a newcomer that purports to offer fresh and healthy dining had better step up its game. And Seasons 52 might fly in a land-locked northern state, but it was not a hit with this crew, who have dozens of eateries offering food just as fresh and tastier-- and cheaper (or at least with a better return on investment). My secretary dismissed it with a "Not that fresh, not that great, not worth the price." With a Tender Greens just steps from our office, why would I spend twice as much on bland "healthy" fare?

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                              Funny enough it's a Darden Restaurant out of Florida. but the restaurant is in the tourist district and it's mostly not frequented by locals.