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Jan 26, 2013 07:08 PM

When the weather sucks, Fish 2002 Poseidon Oak Aged Imperial Stout

Some years ago a a pal and myself ail ordered a bunch of seasonal brews from the west coast (Jubel etc). We had 3-4 magnums of the Fish mentioned above. Well being how the weather really sucks in NYC right now, we figured it was finally time to hit this big boy.

It poured out w/a great bouquet, full body and surprisingly a nice head. The previous bottle I opened 5-6 years ago had a (sorry about this) a spurt of serious beer scum.

This bottle was tasty w/a hint of sourness @ the end. I wish I had 2-3 bottles more. I've head that Fish no longer makes these brews. What a shame, especially since they were one of the first (as far as I know) to do barrel aging in recent years.

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  1. Is this from Fish Brewing in Olympia, Washington?

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    1. The title of this post reminds me of the slogan for Geary's Hampshire Special Ale. Before it went year-round, the ads said, "Only while the weather sucks", or something like that.

      1. More, great report... I love aged stouts.

        Curious, in what conditions are you storing the stout? Overall would you say it's fading or still holding up and evolving?

        1. Jim yes I stole that from Geary's! I mainly stored it standing up @ room temp in a NYC apartment. I think it held up pretty well. It was very drinkable and actually quite lovely. Much better than many fresh stouts.