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Jan 26, 2013 06:32 PM

La Table du Lancaster, and the surrounding neighborhood

I am staying at The Lancaster for a portion of an upcoming trip to Paris (though I rarely stay in this part of town, as it is not my favorite part of the city).

Has anyone been to La Table du Lancaster? Would you recommend it for lunch or for dinner? It appears that it may be a nice modern one star, though somewhat overpriced?

Additionally, I would love recommendations for any places nearby that might be good. Small, interesting, new, non-Champs-Élysées-touristy, great bistros or one stars, and one or two high end places. I will probably return to Gagnaire for lunch, though I did not enjoy my last experience there. Or come to think of it, maybe Guy Savoy might be better choice that is not too far. Ay current experiences with each of these for their lunch pix fixe menus?

Thank you.

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  1. We had a tasty dinner at Akrame.

    1. Loved it but haven't been in a long time.

      1. Although my experience is mostly limited to expense-account business lunches, I like the Lancaster a lot... a soothing restaurant (especially in summer when the garden adds to the sense of well-being), good to excellent and often very creative nosh, full of conspiratorial conversations at lunch... the only quibbles are occasional service lapses and sticker shock when you go à la carte. The hotel is equally appealling and seems to have a surprisingly trendy clientèle not expected so close to the Champs Elysées. Maybe it's the ghost of Marlene Dietrich. I also enjoy the restaurant of the next door hotel The Warwick ... excellent prix fixe for lunch and idlyllic in the summer when the 8th-floor terrace is open... food is better at the Lancaster but, at least for the "formules", the better price/quality ratio at Le W makes comparisons not exactly fair. For a bit of fun, I'm a big BIG fan of le Boudoir on the rue Colisée... a bar à vins so maybe not an elegant experience but the food is great and the ambiance is positively non-Champs-Elysées-y. Also a lukewarm fan of Marloe on the corner of the rue Artois and rue Commandant-Rivière... new-ish, food is usually pretty good, but often too crowded to be enjoyable. A similarly cautious recommendation for les Enfants Terribles on the rue Lord Byron @rue Balzac... usually excellent grub but it does have occasional bad patches... 2nd Empire townhouse so quite ornate and at first sight very 8eme but there's usually a nice buzz... again, a place for me for expense account lunches so my foodie side tends to be a little muted. Since both are just around the corner from my office and we have had lots of excellent business lunches there, more thumbs up for the much improved Le Vernet in the Hotel Vernet and, especially, for the dining room at the Hotel Raphael on the avenue Kléber... the 58€ lunch "formule" at the Raphael seems much pricier than Le Vernet's but includes a glass of wine, bottled water, and coffee for which you'd have to shell at an extra 25 to 30€ at le Vernet. My foodie brain does however spark into overdrive when I eat at Caïus on the rue Armaillé in the 17th ... at last a price/ quality ratio that makes me smile rather than turn my upper lip into a sneer... a long walk from the Lancaster but the 73 bus from the Champs Elysées/ George V stop to the Argentine stop makes it very reachable.

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          I just noticed the Lancaster's lunch is now 52 e.
          But I still like the Marloe and Crom'Exquis, Caius #2 too.
          Haven't been to the Vernet is years but it was always good even without an expense account.

        2. Although they are more expensive, but not inordinately so for lunch, the overall experience at Taillevent, Guy Savoy and Michel Rostang is far better than at the restaurants previously mentioned. They are all within walking distance of the Lancaster.