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Jan 26, 2013 05:58 PM

Just tried jicama

Soooo, I've heard about jicama but never encountered it. Last week I found them in the supermarket near the garlic and ginger, and it wasn't terribly expensive.

I looked for recipes, but didn't find much other than "throw it in a salad". Tonight I decided to try tasting. Even raw, it's yummy! I'd heard it described as apple/potato, but it was just like a firm unsweet apple. Would probably be a nice side to pork.

Does anyone else use jicama? What do you do with it?

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  1. Jicama is often eaten raw.
    A squeeze of Lime and a sprinkle of Salt and Cayenne.
    Can also sub in for Water Chestnuts in Stir-frys.
    When roasted or stewed it becomes soft like Turnips, Daikon or other Root Vegetables but does not have the starch of a Potato and absorbs the flavors it is cooked with.

    1. I have never cooked it.

      You can make a pickle/escabeche of it with lime juice, salt, and chile powder. Goes great in South Western/Mex/Mex inspired salads, as well as South East Asian salads---think lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, fresh chiles, carrots, mint leaves, etc all with jicama.

      I love eating it but hate peeling it. Would love to know if anyone has tips on that.

      1. I've tried roasting it, but it's never really softened up completely for me. Still delicious though! I can make my way through a whole one in no time (and with no guilt.)

        Besides mostly just eating it raw, I've made jicama slaw with it. Same preparation as my favorite coleslaw, just with jicama instead of coleslaw.

        1. We eat it raw, but we also use it in stir-fries. It can be quite sweet so its really good with things like sweet and sour pork, or chicken.

          1. imho, it tastes best raw.