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Jan 26, 2013 05:33 PM

What's for Dinner #186 - OLD

It's warmer here in San Francisco, but for many of you it's still a chill-fest. Whatcha got cookin' to keep yourselves warm? (and for those of our friends in warmer climes, vice-versa!)

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  1. yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks i've felt almost normal. today was even better. whoo-hooo!

    lunch today was the last of the pork shoulder FINALLY. pulled pork marinated in gochujang, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, fresh tangerine and lemon juices, dark soy, pickled ginger, granulated garlic, and brown sugar, for about 4 hours. spread the meat out on a foiled pan and broiled it for a few minutes to crisp it up and melt the fat. toasted up bolillo rolls, spread them with sriracha mayo, and topped with a red cabbage/green onion/cilantro slaw with fresh lime juice. seriously good. La Semana de Puerco is over!

    i had a Moroccan dinner out last night at a highly touted restaurant that wasn't Moroccan enough for me. so, marinating for tonight's dinner (well, dry-rubbing, more like) are chicken leg/thigh pieces in ground cumin, cinnamon, thyme, aleppo, oregano, smokey paprika, onion powder & s&p. i'm going to roast those with plenty of leeks and preserved lemon, and i may glaze the legs with CHer Linda Nightshade's lovely gift of homemade pears in ginger syrup or apricot cardamom marmalade (i can't decide which!) On the side will be this cauliflower dish
    from skinnykitchen: And some kind of salad...with a pom syrup dressing.

    I am also very much in the mood for a glass of red. To be followed by a couple rounds of pool and gin tonics later tonight. Happy Saturday night, all!

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      SO glad to hear you're feeling better, mc!

      1. We spent several hours at a bar this afternoon, my son's band is shooting a video. Had a couple of drinks, and the cigarette smoke was awful! We came home, took showers, and husband went out for Dominos pizza and Chicken Kickers, with the hot sauce, helping to clear out sinuses.

        1. Made a pot of jambalaya as well. Decided to roast two large bone in chicken breasts, over a bed of onion & garlic pieces from the head of garlic.... Sautéed some kielbasa and added the onion & garlic from the roasting pan. Braised green cabbage in chicken broth & bacon fat. A simple spinach salad and a loaf of roasted garlic bread. Large green salad of a sub for lunch.

          1. Tonight we started with a frisee salad with duck confit. Being on the wagon a bit in regard to rich food, I dressed my own salad and skipped the confit. The second course was mussels in a wonderful garlicky broth with a crusty baguette.

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            1. re: roxlet

              YOU. SKIPPED. THE. CONFIT???? you're like a goddess or an angel or something! wow, that is willpower.

              of course, mussels in a garlicky broth are no slouch either.

              1. re: mariacarmen

                :) Gotta exercise that willpower, but sadly my husband informed me that that's the end of the confit --- for now. He's saying he's making more, however, so temptation will raise it's head again. Just not now.

            2. I was in the mood for spice tonight so I made a chicken curry out of 660 Curries with fenugreek leaves and toasted cashews. The original recipe calls for a relatively low level of spice, but I had to sub HOT red chiles for the type called for, so this dish packed a punch. The sauce was marvelous, though - velvety and incredibly rich despite very little oil and no dairy. Cashews are magical! It warmed us right through.

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