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Jan 26, 2013 05:19 PM

Visiting Montreal with not foodie husband

Hi, I'm visiting Montreal Feb 7 wknd with my husband. He has a pretty staid palate. Steak, meat and potatoes kind of guy. We'd like to pay about $30-50 pp for dinner.
I've made a reservation at L'Express. A friend recommended the Beaver Club. Is that any good? Seems a bit old fashioned. Somewhere like APDC is beyond him though I wouldn't dragging him to a restaurant like that if there were some safe choices on the menu. Do you have any recs?

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  1. Some love Beaver Club, though it is definitely an old soul.

    As I've said on here pretty regularly, APDC has plenty of safe choices.
    Appetizers: Things like cod fritters and tomato tartelette are entirely unthreatening.
    Mains: Ribs, Champvallon (like a lamb and potato pie), the pork chops, Guinea Hen, Duck Magret and even duck in a can and fish specials are usually pretty unadventurous apart from the massive serving sizes
    Sides: basically everything, like fries, mashed potatoes with cheese, vegetables, poutine.

    Its a great place, so I'd say go if you have any interest. Your husband will not have to struggle to find things to eat.

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      Sorry, this is assuming that your $30-50 is excluding wine. WIth a glass of wine or beer each you could easily dine at APDC on $50pp before tax and tip with reasonable ordering. Wine in Canada is obviously significantly pricier than in the US and APDC has a fairly steep list, so with a bottle or more things might get much more expensive.

      I'd also suggest Quartier General. It falls into your budget, doesn't serve overly unusual ingredients, and allows you to bring your own wine (no corkage).

    2. I agree with Fintastic re: APDC. I'm not so adventurous so the time I went there, I ordered the bison ribs. They were amazing! I believe they came with mashed potatoes or something equally conservative. One of the most memorable meals I've had in Montreal even though I didn't stray too far from my comfort zone.

      1. Other alternatives to L'Express are Lemeac, Tuck Shop, M sur Masson, au Petit Extra. And there are plenty of choices at APDC, if you can get a reservation (the last time we were there, the person next to us had the bison ribs, and they looked amazing!) As for Beaver Club, I would be surprised if you could dine within your price range there, but I would skip it regardless.

        1. You could try Pintxo and have many different delicious tapas while he could order a large portion of one thing, like the rib eye steak or the beef cheeks with mash.