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Jan 26, 2013 04:17 PM

At 38th and 10th and need some good places that will deliver. Help - fast!

We're open to any cuisine. Just can't do another night of mediocre food and all of our favourites downtown won't deliver up here.

We're visiting for the week so can try a bunch of different things.

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  1. How far to travel, and budget? (standard question) Also pray for kathryn.

    Edit: Oh, you literally meant deliver, not metaphorically?

    1. Yes, that will deliver to our apartment (sleeping babies here). No travelling. . . budget is open.

      1. This board does not get much traffic on nights and weekends so any last minute requests don't tend to get responded to until Monday AM.

        Did you try plugging in your address into or I see that Dafni, Eatery, Grand Sichuan, Kofoo, Lan Sheng, Mooncake, Nizza, Pam Real Thai, Pure Thai, Schnippers, Taam Tov, Wondee Siam, and Whym all deliver to that neighborhood.