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Jan 26, 2013 02:07 PM

Favorite recipes for sea scallops?

I love simple seared sea scallops, but thought I might try something new tomorrow night for a very small dinner party. Any favorite recipes?

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  1. Hey there,
    If they are really fresh, I love a simple sear (just a minute or so per side). I then make a quick brown butter and throw in some capers and a squeeze of lemon at the last minute. If you can get great scallops, don't do too much! Have fun and please report back!

    1. Slice very thin, squirt with fresh lime juice, add some scallions, cilantro and seve cheveche style.

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        Yum. That sounds delicious. So easy and wonderful.

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          Do you cook the bacon first? I think I tried bacon wrapped shrimp once and that did not go so well.

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            Not cooked. Half a strip around half a scallop and broiled until done. Then dip in mango chutney.

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              cook the bacon half-way first. Otherwise, by the time the bacon is done, the scallop will be way overcooked.

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                  In my opinion, the smoked bacon overwhelms the delicate taste of the scallop. Once in Florida, we had tasso wrapped and, while very tasty, again the scallop flavor was lost. I suggest blanched strips of unsmoked hog jowl. Gets rid of some of the fat and prevents flare-ups on the grill or under the broiler.

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                    That jowl sounds like a terrific idea.

                    I'm lucky enough to get lots of cheap (sometimes even free) scallops and lobster (as well as fluke and striped bass). Consequently, I have no real problem treating them with a bit of vigor.

                    As to twice smoked bacon, I find the fact that it has been fully cooked and safe to eat "raw" means it is a good thin go grind into beef for burgers or use in preps where it does not get fully heated to temp.

          2. Perfect dinner party fare. And depending on the rest of your menu, take your pick.

            Sear your scallops & then top them with dollops of either Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, or Basil Pesto. Serve over either noodles or greens.

            Depending on the number of scallops, this can be an appetizer or a main.

            1. I tried this recipe for Miso Butter Shrimp last week and this week I'm going to try it with seared scallops. These were so simple to prepare and I couldn't get over how delicious they were. It's got to be good with scallops.


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                I love this recipe. I have even used it with snapper.