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Jan 26, 2013 01:40 PM

Help! Looking for great take out food to serve at home in Puerto Villarta!!

Hello Chowhounds,
I am traveling to Puerto Villarta next week and am staying in a villa. We are having guests over the day after we arrive and I have no time to cook. Does anyone know a place where I can pick up some awesome taco fixings, salsas etc... that I can just heat up and serve? In our town there a a couple of mexican markets that have deli's where we can pick up carnita's, tortillas, chips and salsas. I am looking for something similar to that.
Thank you !!


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  1. It might help if you indicated hwre the villa is located. "PV" streches a long way these days.

    1. Hmmm, there is an excellent carnitas cart on Lazaro Cardenas in Old Town (between Aguacate and Jarandas) that would probably sell you a big bag of carnitas as well as pica de gallo, etc. There's also a tortillaria on Jacarandas and Carranza right around the corner. You'd just have to reheat at home.