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Jan 26, 2013 01:20 PM

BBQ in Tucson, AZ?

Having returned to Tucson from Alabama, I have been going through BBQ withdrawals. I mean real BBQ, not pot roast with some sauce out of a plastic bottle.

Where in Tucson do you find good "traditional" BBQ? Wet or Dry with real smoke?

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  1. Nothing fancy but Billy Bryant's isn't too bad

    Tucson really isn't a BBQ town.

    1. I agree with DriverPhil, but we make do with the new Mr. K's on Stone, and Catalina Grill at StarrPass. Brushfire on Campbell would be in distant third place.

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      1. re: Claudette

        We tried Mr K's - it was bland, no matter which sauce we tried. Not thrilled with their cafeteria-like setup either.

      2. Rod's KC Barbeque has been at the Sunday market at St. Phillips Plaza for years;

        1. It may not be to your taste, but Brushfire BBQ is worth a try. It's my favorite, but I haven't had southern bbq since I was a little kid.

          1. My favorite so far, having tried the Hog Pit, Brushfire, and a couple other places, is Mr. K's down on Park ave. at Valencia (it used to be a little further north on Park). This is the original Mr. K's (in spite of the fact that the other, completely unaffiliated, restaurant calls itself "the original Mr. K's" - I believe there is a family feud involved). Don't go for the ambiance, though the same could be said of a lot of bbq joints. There isn't a website, but here's the info: 6302 S Park Ave, Tucson, AZ (520) 792-9484 ‎