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Jan 26, 2013 01:05 PM

Nutella croissants

So this morning I decided to make these after thinking about it for awhile. I've researched different techniques and decided to just use Pillsbury refrigerated "crescent" rolls.

I separated all the triangles, then tried as best I could to smear some Nutella on them, then rolled em all up. Finished out of the oven, dusted with powdered sugar.

This is the first time I've eaten Nutella. It really is like a chocolate peanut butter, kind of...I was also surprised that it needs no refrigeration, even after opening.

I have half a jar of this stuff left. Any good creative ideas on what to do next with it?


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  1. My daughter and I eat it straight from the jar! My sons slather it on toast. That said, it's great on a peanut butter sandwich or on toast with orange marmalade. We've been known to warm it up to drizzle on ice cream. Once I was out of hot chocolate mix - a real disaster - we used nutella and it was great. It's also a great cupcake icing.

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      Yes to all of the above, especially the hot cocoa. Also a great crepe filling. Oh and now I think we're having nutella crescent roll crossaints tomorrow for breakfast

    2. my son loves that stuff and I make those same croissants as a special treat. Yummy!

      I finally started making my own version of nutella as the first two ingredients are sugar and palm oil. I thought I could make it "healthier". Don't know if it really is, LOL, but we both prefer the homemade version now.

      I started with this recipe and have been tweaking it ever since.

      The first couple of batches were a little gritty but I finally took his advice and strained it. I actually like it with the little bits of nuts but my son is a purist. I usually make it with just hazelnuts too, no almonds. I also only used a TBS of honey. Since then I have eliminated the honey all together. The chocolate makes it sweet enough.

      1. Nutella and banana or strawberry purses; just roll inside a wonton wrapper or eggroll wrapper and bake or fry until golden. If you bake, drizzle with a bit of butter or spray with a light oil first.

        Nutella stirred into hot cereal is one of my son's favorites.

        Nutella rice krispie bars

        Nutella is a easy cupcake topper

        Nutella smoothies: milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, Nutella.

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          recently dumped my pgk of wonton wrappers-they'd dried out in pkg'ing due to my dumbness

          1. re: iL Divo

            Don't fret, iLD, it happens to the best of us!

        2. Also, next time you make a filled Nutella croissant try using pastry sheets from the frozen food aisle. Cut into squares and fold into triangles.

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              Yep we make those too in mini cupcake tins and top with crushed pistachio nuts. so easy- three ingredients!