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Jan 26, 2013 12:43 PM

Costco Produce - P's & Q's

I am planning a trip with friends who drive out to the suburbs for a Costco run next week. I know a lot of people here are Costco fans, so I was wondering if I could get a heads up about how their produce prices and quality stacks up against a regular market. We were talking about possibly splitting some stuff if the quantities you have to buy are too much for a two person household to reasonably consume. I live in Philadelphia, PA (I mention this as I imagine there are some differences in what produce is available where & when).

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  1. I regularly get organic carrots, I believe aprox. 45 cents per pound. Blackberries are 3.79 for 18oz. Most supermarkets don't even come close with produce like romaine, mushrooms, celery, broccoli crowns and most fruit etc. The size and quality of fruit and produce are also superior to the markets.

    1. My favorites are:

      Organic baby spinach clamshell. $3.99
      3pk butter lettuce clamshell. $4.49?
      6pk romaine lettuce. $3.99
      6pk mesh bag avocados. $4.99
      Campari tomatoes.
      sweet baby bell peppers.
      Persian cucumbers.

      Seasonally, fresh figs and apricots!

      frozen organic broccoli florets.

      I live alone and I don't find the sizes to be too big to consume before they go bad (I don't buy all of the above at once... And I eat a lot of fruit and veg!) and it's almost always been great quality too. I primarily shop in NC but I've had positive experiences with the produce in NJ/NY as well.

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        We no longer buy their avocados. Were disappointed too many times. Either by the time they were ripe they were starting to rot or the texture was just somehow 'off.'

        Are the peppers you're talking about the little, elongated red and yellow ones. Love those also

        1. re: c oliver

          Really? I was about to say Costco is one place where the avocado's are consistent in quality. I rarelyfet rotten ones. It may be a warehouse thing.....

          1. re: liza219

            Could be. Our Costco is in Reno and we have very hot summers and cold winters so maybe they're mistreated before they ever make it to the store.

            1. re: c oliver

              Possibly, those little guys are very fragile.

          2. re: c oliver

            I'm surprised about your luck with the avocados too c. oliver. My technique is to put the newly purchased bag in the fridge for a week, and then take out one avocado and put it on the counter and keep a close eye on it. As soon as it feels a bit soft I use it up and take out another avocado. I'm surprised at how well this works for me.

        2. I think their prices are great,and so is the quality. It's even worth it to buy more then you need and end up throwing some out.To be able to share with someone would be perfect.

          1. 1) You're in the mushroom state. buy some of the baby bellas!!
            2) Carrots'll keep (I bought 20lbs two months ago, and the 5lbs I have left are fine.)
            3) If you see white potatoes, they're local to PA. I prefer the big russets, which are fab.
            4) If you can pull any Poconos apples, buy 'em!!
            5) American oranges are fa-bu-lous!
            6) buy garlic. distro to as many people as necessary.
            7) Onions. Seriously, they go in everything!
            8) Red Peppers (6 to a pack) yum!
            9) Celery's good.

            Either plan on cooking in bulk and freezing, or know which things will last (potatoes/carrots/onions/garlic) and buy those.

            I've got a ton of frozen veggies from costco in the freezer.

            1. The Brussels sprouts are a screaming deal at $4 or so for a 2 pound bag. I also buy the Cremini mushrooms, red or multi bell peppers, cherry or grape tomatoes and big bags of onions regularly. If they have them, the pre-trimmed haricots verts are a good deal and very convenient. I occasionally buy baby bok choy and pre-cut broccoli, which are also very good.

              For fruit, they often have nice big pineapples for $3, which is way cheaper than I can get them elsewhere. Grapes are usually a good price and good quality. They also have great prices on frozen berries of all kinds.