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Jan 26, 2013 12:39 PM

Looking for good food northeast of Baltimore

My daughter just moved to Middle River, MD and it's an area neither of us know well. Looking for two suggestions: 1) high end restaurant for special occasion and 2) other great food...any type, we're open to all! Thanks!!

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  1. Middle River is pretty bleak food-wise.For high end food your daughter should become familiar with Baltimore.

    1. I've had pleasant food and a good time at the River Watch

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        Thanks! I'll mention the River Watch to her, too!

      2. There's not a whole lot in the Middle River area, and high end restaurants are practically non-existent on the East side of Baltimore County. But if you venture down into the City, to Canton and Fells Point, there's tons of good stuff in that area. Otherwise, my favorite places in the East County are Mr Bill's Terrace Inn (Essex) for crabs, and Squire's (Dundalk) for pizza and meatball sandwiches.

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          Thanks for the ideas. We did go and try Original Fish and Chips this past weekend and it was good. Had read that they were voted best fish/chips in Baltimore area. Chips not great, but fish/seafood was very good. Thanks for the other ideas; we'll try them out. And seeing as it only takes 30 minutes to get downtown, looks like she can enjoy what the city has to offer, too!

        2. Sunset Cove is decent and the water views great, especially in the summer!

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            Thanks! Might save that for a few months when it's warmer!

          2. The signage may look a little corny, but Baker's Pit Beef gets positive reviews.