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Jan 26, 2013 12:27 PM

Help! Did I kill my pizza dough?

Making pizza dough for a pizza party tonight, and I stupidly dissolved the yeast in hot (rather than warm) water. I'm afraid that killed the yeast. The balls look good but after 45 minutes, they still haven't grown very much. A bit, but not as much as they should have.

Will my dough be okay or should I just go buy some balls? Sigh.

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  1. What's your room temperature?

    Temps across the US are so different right now, that a colder room WILL retard growth (I have a kitchen that gets cold when northern winds hit the house.)

    1. 105-115 for direct contact with yeast. 130 if the yeast was mixed with the flour first.

      1. Buy more dough. Pizza dough, in particular, should blow up like a balloon and be punched-down several times. So sorry.

        If it makes the OP feel any better, I am too impatient to proof yeast properly and, having screwed it up plenty of times, now purchase my doughs from a local baker...

        1. It actually turned out okay! Bit on the dry side, but not a big deal...I like thin and crispy crusts. The dough definitely ended up rising a reasonable amount, though it took quite awhile. I left it out all afternoon.