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Jan 26, 2013 12:26 PM

Short Vancouver trip- please look over my list

Hi all, I'm an LA hound coming to Vancouver and have done some research here and elsewhere for places to eat. I was hoping you could look over my list and help add or delete anything. :) If possible, I'm looking for places that would be different than SoCal. I eat most foods of good quality and will be dining alone some of the time, but occasionally with a vegetarian so my list includes some vegetarian spots.

I definitely want to try Vij's.

But what about:
cafe medina
naan veg restaurant
meat and bread

hon’s or 3g vegetarian restaurant for vegetarian dim sum? I would love my vegetarian friend to be able to try dim sum.

What about a favorite dim sum whether it's veg or not?
And is there such a thing as vegetarian ramen in Vancouver you can recommend?
What about a place with amazing fresh pasta?
Best sandwiches?
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)

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  1. If by Naan you mean The Naam it's filthy pit of mediocrity & banality-avoid @ all costs.

    The new high end veggie places are The Acorn & Heirloom.

    Sanpachi on W. Broadway has vegetarian Ramen-not cheap but it's 100% veg I assume the Robson St operation has it as well.

    Sanafir is long gone.

    Note that Guu is a chain with 6 local locations-I like Guu w/Garlic & Gitanoya Guu in Gastown.

    1. I used to like Cafe Medina but found they were getting sloppy about their prep (one too many overcooked eggs). YMMV. Expect long lines for brunch at pretty much any hour. Dinner is at Chambar next door. Haven't been there for ages.

      Naam is indeed eminently missable, and I live three blocks away.

      Meat and Bread is tasty. Do go to the orginal Gastown one if you want a bit of ambiance. The new one is mostly takeout in a very officey area. M&B offers one of the better sandwiches in town (porchetta), but for my money I'd hit Notturno Paninoteca in Gastown. Outstanding panini served with a nice light salad in a sitdown wine bar with... wine! And some beer too. Try anything with prosciutto or their blue fico for a sweeter (and veg friendly) taste:

      I've been hearing good early reports of the sandos at Nosh on Broadway but they've only been open since Jan 16 so not a ton of intel.

      If you are blessed with reasonable weather, you might want to seek out food cart Le Tigre. It has really tasty food and lurks around downtown and environs. Check their fb page for daily locations:

      Guu can be fun but I've noticed a bit of a drop in quality at Garlic my last two trips. I'm a big fan of Zakkushi for an izakaya experience.

      No truly amazing fresh pasta here that I'm aware of, but it depends what your benchmark is (mine is Cotogna in SF). I do really like the pasta at La Buca if you're interested in trying a local favourite away from downtown.

      With careful ordering you could set up your veg friend with a dim sum experience at Dynasty. They have a largeish vegetarian section with a couple of interesting, slightly larger dishes. Dumplings can be oversteamed though and bring a sweater as the HVAC's a bit weird.

      1. I would avoid the Naam. Overpriced, bland, eminently disappointing. The Acorn is a fantastic alternative with some exciting veg food and a nice focus on local ingredients. A bit pricey, but my one experience there was worthwhile as a special treat. Your vegetarian friend will love being able to choose from the entire menu instead of just a few veg items.

        I had a great meal at Guu Garden downtown a few months ago, and would like to go back sometime. I didn't have my vegetarian family member with me at the time but I do recall they had some very interesting and creative veg dishes.

        Hon's on Robson has a very extensive vegetarian menu cooked in a separate kitchen, and lots of interesting simulated meat and fish products, but it's a bit lacking in ambiance - very basic, noisy, cafeteria-style seating, plastic dishes. Still, it can be a fun place to grab lunch and do some people watching if you're in that part of town sightseeing.

        Enjoy your visit!