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Jan 26, 2013 11:53 AM

CHIADO Winterlicious

It's the usual bargain, with fine items off their main menu...

We went to Chiado today for lunch: $25, wine at $9 a 5 oz glass.

We started with the olives and corn bread, moved on to the fresh cheese, and the grilled sardines and goat cheese. Mains, for us, were skate fish in a saffron broth and a terrine of salted cod. For dessert, pecan tart and white chocolate flan.

Service with a smile, greeted by the owner himself who checked our coats.

The place was packed.

Meal: $25 each plus tax and tip.

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  1. Perhaps the folks at Chiado have read the reviews of last years Summerlicius? When we went, the filthy voucher holders were herded into a side room, so we couldn't be seen by the "real" paying customers. We were promised a tasting menu, but I foolishly assumed a tasting menu involved more than licking a small smear off a plate for each course. The menu INFORMED us we would be tipping liberally (turned out to be much more than they deserved for the snotty attitude, smallest smears of food substances and a quick hustle out the door.)

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    1. re: Danybear

      Danybear, not sure what "vouchers" are .. is this a Groupon thing that happened at the same time as Summerlicious? Please advise...

      1. re: Danybear

        Chia do is almost always good but the "licious" events should be avoided at all costs. It is rare that someone has a good experience. "Dean Tudor" - you got lucky!

        1. re: Rubyred1

          I went on a Sat lunch .. my friend with four others went the day before for lunch. He hated it...I think it matters if the owner is actually on the premises....

        2. re: Danybear

          Interesting because I went for with a "Groupon" a while back (the 1st time they did it, not sure if they have done it since) and I had a great meal. Lovely service/food. My friend was very impressed as well. I didn't feel like we were treated any lower than other guests in the restaurant and we were seated in the normal area. We did go during the week so maybe that effected things as they maybe weren't as busy??

        3. Nice to hear Chiado is still on top of their game. I haven't been in a few years, but I always loved it, especially the wine bar menu.

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          1. re: TorontoJo

            Agreed. It's consistently magnificent fine-dining.

            Good enough that I'd caution people from going during a Licious event if it could at all be helped.

            1. re: biggreenmatt

              I'd also mention, for people who aren't that familiar with Assorda/Acorda (a dry soup with monkfish, lobster, shrimp and clams), they might want to consider ordering the market fish, grilled octopus or other dishes on the menu.

              I have loved mixed seafood Cataplanas and mixed seafood rice dishes I've ordered in other Portuguese restaurants, so I decided to try the Assorda/Acorda on my last visit. I found the Assorda to be a very heavy, somewhat bland, mushy dish that seems to be made of wet bread crumbs and seafood. I wished I had ordered the grilled octopus or some market fish. Assorda might be an acquired taste, or might be a dish one needs to grow up with, to appreciate. That being said, Assorda must be a favourite for some of Chiado's guests, since Chiado doesn't offer a mixed seafood Cataplana or a mixed seafood rice dish on their dinner menu, although lobster with saffron risotto is available for dinner, and a mixed seafood risotto for 2 is available at lunch.
              I've always had very good service, and I love the Portuguese desserts.