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Jan 26, 2013 11:43 AM

St Jean de Luz, Bayonne and Biarritz France

I would love dining recommendations for St Jean de Luz, Bayonne, Biarritz and Vitoria. My friend is not a huge fan of seafood, I know crazy. But she loves good wine. We also have a 16 year old traveling with us.

We love quaint places with good people watching

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  1. St Jaen de Luz: Kaiku
    Adjacent village Ciboure: Chez Mattin, Chez Margot
    Before I make further recommendations which may be a waste of time for both of us, could you tell us if you will have a car? There are excellent restaurant in villages near the towns you cited.

    1. This is a wonderful area and is practically Parigi's 2nd home. I agree that Kaiku is probably the top restaurant in St Jean de Luz. Another more traditional, if a bit kitschy decor, spot that we enjoyed was Chez Maya. Across the harbor in Ciboure we tried Parigi's favorite, Chez Mattin, and loved it...your friend will find non-seafood choices, but someone should try the Ttoro(photo below) if it is available that day. A place serving simply prepared fresh seafood in a lovely sea-side setting is Chez Albert on the Port des Pecheurs in Biarritz. Your friend may change her preferences after visiting the Basque coast, as seafood is king around St. Jean de Luz.

      1. I should have mentioned this is a road trip, so yes we have a car. Also, we are trying to eat good food without spending a lot of money. My friend has to pay double because of her lovely daughter.

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          Could you indicate your budget in euro. That would help us help you.
          I will add another fave address of mine: Olhabidea, just outside the beautiful village of Sare. The food is as enchanting as the setting. There's a no-choice 4-course menu for about 37 euro. Absolutely wowed us.

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            I don't know what my friend can spend. I'm sorry. Last year my sister, my friend's sister and I spent 50 euro each for a meal in Bologna. It was a deal, but I know that my friend can't do that with her daughter with her.

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              Kaiku may be a bit of a stretch then -- when we were there for a nice lunch two years ago it was at least about that cost, I recall. If you do go there, best to reserve, they were turning many away. -- Jake

        2. La Cucaracha in Bidart seems to be still going strong - you should not miss it. They do what the Basques do so well with seafood and have been doing it for many many years. Family run, wooden tables looking into the kitchen, fresh seafood usually à la plancha, good wine list. It's perhaps slightly dear by local standards but I could eat there every night of the week. Very popular, even out of season, so reserve. THey also do meat, frites, etc so should work also for a 16 year old.

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