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Jan 26, 2013 11:26 AM

Question on pastry cream

I've recently made a batch of pastry cream that thickened to a pudding-like consistency once it was chilled. I then folded in some whipped cream and piped them into cream puffs.

After chilling the cream puffs, I had to let them sit out for about an hour at a barbeque by the beach and noticed the filling got pretty runny by the time everyone started eating them.

Is there any way to keep my pastry cream nice and thick if keeping the cream puffs refrigerated until just before serving is not an option?


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  1. Don't fold in whipped cream. Any time I've made pastry cream, I've just left it at that pudding-like consistency and if I piped it, I just let it come down to room temp. It won't get runny at all. Seriously, I think the whipping cream made the pastry cream runny.

    1. Keep the cream in a pastry bag, zip tie on top, plastic wrap on bottom, keep in lunch cooler w/ ice bag, and fill before serving. It tastes better cold, too.

      1. If you stabilize your whipped Cream with Gelatin the Crème Diplomat should hold the up fine.

        1. @jarona Yeah, I think it's the whipped cream too but I kinda like it lightened; find pastry cream's a little too thick and rich in cream puffs by itself. Thanks for the suggestion though.

          @chowser That's a great idea! That would definitely work if I had a small batch of cream puffs to fill. Thanks!

          @chefj That is just genius! I don't know why that never occured to me since I stablize whipped cream all the time for frosting. Thanks!

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            Cheers! I just used the sam method for a Brazo de Gitano that needed to sit out for a while.