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Jan 26, 2013 11:08 AM

Going out on Valentine's weekend. Ugh.

We have a few weekend nights away from our toddler coming up, unfortunately it will be the 15th and 16th of Feb. We want to go out for a fun dinner, but do not want to deal with lame Valentine's Day crowds and over-priced pre-fix menus. Can anyone recommend a unique and really tasty (doesn't have to be fancy, and please no Asian style restaurants) place we could go for dinner in lower Manhattan that weekend?

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  1. What's your budget, per person, for food only?

    Do you want somewhere you can make a reservation or are you willing to wait for a table?

    From what I have seen, most restaurants are only doing a special on 2/14 itself and not extending it into the weekend.

    For that Saturday, for example, I see OpenTable has some availability at:
    Casa Mono
    Empellon Cocina
    The Marrow

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      Thanks, I'll look into those suggestions. I would prefer a reservation and budget is kind of open. Inexpensive would be cool, but we're prepared to spend some money too.

      1. re: kellyinchi

        It's also been my experience that the prix-fixe menus also come only on 2/14, In fact, we've always found the day after Valentine's Day to be a fantastic time to go out to dinner.

        Of course, things may be different with V-Day coming on a Thursday going into a weekend. My advice would be to decide what you want as if there were no holiday and then check opentable or call or email the restaurants

    2. Our anniversary is 2/15. We will be married 26 years. In all of those years we have never run into a Valentine's Day menu or anything of the sort on 2/15.