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Jan 26, 2013 10:44 AM
Discussion gift certificates

Was directed to this site by a friend- I only searched New Haven and there were many participating restaurants, but bought $15 gift certificates to Anastasias for example for $6.00 each! Minimal restrictions, no expiration, and once you purchase then you just print them.

Does anyone else have good experience with other similar sites that perhaps we can all benefit from?

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  1. I've used them quite a few times, they definitely save you money. You are usually blocked from using them on Fri/Sat, but for mid-week dining out they're great.

    1. I have used them several times, never been any problems, while there are restrictions, they are not unreasonable.
      You can often find great deals on them.

      1. Brads deals often offers them less than the going rate. I've bought $25 certs for $3-6.

        1. wait until the end of the month to get them as there are promo codes for unused certs. Coupon code YUM gives you 60% off your entire certificate purchase (enter it after you select your cert). Makes that anastasio's cert $2.40 =)

          1. Code expiring today is BOWL. 25 dollar certificate for 4.00