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Jan 26, 2013 10:24 AM

Looking for a lasagne pan

What should we look for?

They should be deeper than a pyrex pan right?

What do you recommend?

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  1. Deeper, safer, and much more attractive than a pyrex pan is the Emile Henry 10" x 13" baker (the tailored ones, not the ruffly-topped version). But also significantly more $., even if on a good sale.

    Worth it if you entertain, because they're so beautiful, even in just plain white (colors options are blue, red, yellow, green, or dark purple). Think through where you'll store it safely. Mine's a little more inaccessible than I'd like, but out of the way of anything that might bang into it.

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      I recently purchased the Emile Henry lasagna pan from Amazon at a price of $80. Though that may seem high it is not only a beautiful pan but it is large enough (14.5x11x3) that there is not spill over in my stove which has always been a problem for me as I tend to do may layers and lots of sauce. I have cooked with the pan a couple of times now and it cleans up so well that it almost seems nonstick, it can take a knife cutting the lasagna in pan without scratching and can go from freezer to oven or microwave without any concerns of exploding or cracking. This pan should last a lifetime basically.

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        Hope it does, mandymoo!

        Note for those considering EH: There's a smaller size, 13" x 10" x 2.75", that I've found perfect for our lasagna and strata needs. I bought it together with the larger size mm describes, but so far have yet to use the bigger one.

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          It seems they have a smaller size and an individual size too:
          12" x 8.5" and 8.5" x 5.5".

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            A full nesting set! Now I'm going to try to pretend I never learned this...

    2. I make mine in my LC casserole dish. Deep enough for lots of layers and pretty on the table/buffet.

      1. For forever I used one of those graniteware open roasters (usually about 12x16-ish is size) and it worked well because it's about 3 in deep. Plenty of room for layers. It's inexpensive and you can find them everywhere - even in hardware stores.

        Since I don't have to make such a big pan with just the two of us, I now use a rectangular LeCreuset that is just as deep, and about 9x13 and comes with a cover.

        The cover can be used when the lasagna is first in the oven, and then removed for getting the cheese bubbly and brown on the edges. It washes up like a dream. Happy so far.

        Good luck in your search!

        1. I have to say that my 9x13 pyrex works just fine for lasagna. If you make lasagna a lot and want something pretty to bring to the table all the suggestions are great.

          1. I have two Staub rectangular pans, deeper than my Pyrex. They were a gift, I haven't used them yet, but thought they'd be great for lasagne.