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Jan 26, 2013 09:16 AM

Recipes for Stretching Out Fish?

I am a poor college student who just bought about 3/4 lbs of Mahi Mahi at the grocery store on manager's special. I've never had this kind of fish and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or recipes that'll make it last for 4-5 meals? Anyone think it would work in fried rice? I need recipes to be cheap and preferably healthy, too, though I run a lot so a heavy meal won't kill me. Help appreciated!

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    1. The mahi mahi would be great in fried rice. In fact anything can be thrown into fried rice, ASAIC. Here's a pretty good recipe to use as a blueprint for what you want.

      1. Fish tacos - you can find some good recipes here or on

        if you have leftover baked fish it goes well in a salad. served cold.

        1. These are all great ideas so far. I am most concerned with whether you have a good freezer, though....freshness is REALLY important with seafood, and I wouldn't want it sitting around in the fridge for 4-5 days......

          EDIT: You could cut it up and freeze the pieces on a plastic wrap-lind tray, then bag up the frozen chunks to take out and use as needed.

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            Hmm, is it still iffy to keep it around if it's cooked? I was planning on cooking a batch of something on Sunday and eating it during the week till it runs out. But freezing chunks of it is a great idea too

          2. Fishcakes. like crab cakes but with chunks of fish instead. Will help stretch out your fish.