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Jan 26, 2013 09:08 AM

Fresh steamed dungeness crab at a PDX restaurant?

The dungeness crabs are in season...and I can't seem to find a restaurant that will serve me one! I've called Ringside Fish and EaT. I heard Bar Avignon has them on certain dates, but I'm looking for a place this weekend. Any ideas?

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  1. Woodsman Tavern
    Ocean City (on SE 82nd betw. Division/Powell)
    Shen Zhen (on NE 82nd near Glisan)

    And I am sure that other Chinese places around town (esp. the ones with tanks of crabs ;o) will happily cook up some crabs for you.

    FYI at Woodsman the crab is part of the raw bar offerings, so they are served cold. You don't have to order the $85 tower of seafood, you can just order the crab.

    Also, if you don't want to pick apart the crab yourself, Wafu usually has an amazing roasted crab hand roll on their menu for an absurd price around $6. And Hokusei (my favorite sushi joint in town) usually has crab nigiri for around $3 per piece.

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    1. re: JillO

      Thanks JillO. We ended up at Salty's on Saturday. Delicious steamed crabs, but a little spendy.

      I wonder if the ones @ Ocean City and Shen Zhen are fresh caught or farmed because they seem to have them all year-round. I wonder if it matters.

      I'm going to Bar Avignon for their dungeness crab fest this Wednesday!

      1. re: pleen

        FYI: I'm not sure Dungeness crabs are ever "farmed" - at least I can't find evidence of that on the web. I think the long season of availability may come from the fact that Alaskan waters are colder and their season is therefore longer.

    2. Try OM Seafood. If I remember correctly, they can prepare Dungeness crab in any way you want. They are probably the freshest restaurant around because they own their own seafood market.