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Jan 26, 2013 08:27 AM

Allston/Brighton Family Dinner Options

We are looking for a nice sit down place for dinner tomorrow night in the Allston/Brighton area. Not looking to go extremely pricey. Celebrating the big 3-0 with the family (5 adults). Reasonably adventurous! Any favorite places or must-eats?


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  1. Cafe Brazil. Good, plentiful Brazilian comfort food. On weekends they often have a musician, which adds to the vibe. Only caveat is: if by 'nice' you mean 'upscale' it might not fit the bill.

    1. It's not exactly adventurous, but Carlo's Cucina Italiana is quite pleasant and the food has been quite good when I've been, especially for the price. It might be easier to get in on a Sunday night, too, than regular weekend nights.

      1. My favorite spots from when I lived in Allston were JoJo Taipei, Shanghai Gate and S&I Thai. The first two spots might work for your dinner. S&I is far too casual, but their food is wonderful so I'm mentioning them in case you haven't been there. If you're willing to expand into Watertown then you could consider Strip T's as well.

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          Unfortunately, Strip T's is closed on Sundays.

        2. Seconding Carlo's, Shanghai Gate, Jo Jo Taipei, and Cafe Brazil.

          Besides the places already mentioned, consider Ariana (Afghani restaurant on Brighton Avenue) and Cognac Bistro, just over the line into Brookline, on Harvard Street.

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            We've enjoyed dining out en famille at Bon Chon, actually (both the Allston and Cambridge branches).

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              I agree with all of these, but if I was going to suggest just one, I'd have to go with Shanghai Gate. Besides it being my favorite Chinese restaurant in the entire city, it's a nice, cozy room with wonderful staff.

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                I love Shanghai Gate (it is my favorite Chinese place bar none) but if you want alcohol as well as food I'd follow Allstonian's suggestion and head slightly down Harvard to Cognac Bistro. Good raw bar, reasonable prices, nice cocktails, good mediterranean food. make reservations.