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Jan 26, 2013 08:23 AM

Locally Made Hot Fudge in LA?

Hey, Folks. I got a friend who runs an ice cream shop here in LA and I'm encouraging him to add hot fudge to the menu.

Do any of you know of a locally made hot fudge sold in bulk here in LA? My Google search didn't return helpful results.

Of course, I'm looking for a high quality sauce without corn syrup! :)

I know of C.C. Brown's and I'm not even sure that's available in bulk from Lawry's...


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  1. Milk has a "wholesale" component, but whether they wholesale their hot fudge or not I don't know. Probably worth checking with them:

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    1. Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood makes their own fudge and sauces but I don't know if they would sell in bulk? Give them a call.

      1. CC Brown's Hot Fudge is expensive at $32 for a 4 jar case from Lawry's. Here is Lawry's link to buy it..

        1. try here--good stuff:

          pretty sure they do food service packaging.

          1. Whomever you are hoping to purchase it from, ie CC Brown's, I would recommend calling and finding out whether they offer wholesale accounts, and/or have a wholesale distributor whom you could contact.