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Locally Made Hot Fudge in LA?

Hey, Folks. I got a friend who runs an ice cream shop here in LA and I'm encouraging him to add hot fudge to the menu.

Do any of you know of a locally made hot fudge sold in bulk here in LA? My Google search didn't return helpful results.

Of course, I'm looking for a high quality sauce without corn syrup! :)

I know of C.C. Brown's and I'm not even sure that's available in bulk from Lawry's...


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  1. Milk has a "wholesale" component, but whether they wholesale their hot fudge or not I don't know. Probably worth checking with them: http://www.themilkshop.com/ice-cream-...

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    1. Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood makes their own fudge and sauces but I don't know if they would sell in bulk? Give them a call.

      1. CC Brown's Hot Fudge is expensive at $32 for a 4 jar case from Lawry's. Here is Lawry's link to buy it..

        1. try here--good stuff:
          pretty sure they do food service packaging.

          1. Whomever you are hoping to purchase it from, ie CC Brown's, I would recommend calling and finding out whether they offer wholesale accounts, and/or have a wholesale distributor whom you could contact.

            1. Thank you so much - this is all so helpful!

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                Oh my, there's an ice cream shop in town that doesn't have hot fudge? It's actually quite easy to make, why give half the profit to a middle-man?.

              2. Sadly, CC Brown's sauce sold at Lawry's lists Corn Syrup as its first ingredient.

                I find it unfathomable that corn syrup was ever part of the recipe, as it is a cheap substitute for sucrose.

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                    That's not always why it is used. Corn syrup is mostly glucose which is used instead of sucrose to prevent crystals from forming.

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                      Yes, corn syrup seems to be a somewhat traditional ingredient in hot fudge. My grandmothers recipe from small town Pennsylvania had some in addition to the white sugar. HFCS on the other hand....

                  2. Chris. What's the name of your friends local
                    Ice cream shoppe ??????