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Jan 26, 2013 08:15 AM

Zagat's 11 Best Restaurants in Chinatown

Here's my top 11:

1. Pho Broadway

2. J. R. Bistro

3. Fortune Gourmet Kitchen

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  1. How is King Taco in Chinatown? IT's south of the 10. And nothing Viet/Cambodian? Geniuses over at Zagat with another stunning triumph of food-writing... Thank god the existence of the internet means those has-beens are in their death throes.

    No JR Bistro, Pho Hoa or Buu Dien?

    1. Here's my Top 11:

      1. Nick's Cafe
      2. Philippe's
      3. Yum Cha Cafe

      1. Has Zagat figured out that pretty much the whole scene moved to the SGV, oh, like 15-20 years ago?

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        1. re: JThur01

          To be fair to Zagat, the answer to your question is probably "yes" ...

          And, really, I don't think Zagat was just focusing on Chinese restaurants, but "Best Restaurants" in general.

          Excerpt from Zagat's blog intro:

          "Even if Chinatown isn't the epicenter for the Chinese community in LA, which has shifted to cities like Alhambra and San Gabriel in the San Gabriel Valley, Chinatown is still a wonderful place to explore for food, art and more. While you can find high-ranking dim sum and Peking duck in the Downtown-adjacent neighborhood, some of the best eats come from a multi-cultural list: according to the 2013 Los Angeles Restaurants guide, Zagat surveyors included tacos, French dips and one cafe that supports high-risk women with chilaquiles and chile relleno grilled cheese. Take a look at the slide show for the 11 spots with the most votes - you may be surprised to see who took the number one slot - and let us know your favorite Chinatown finds in the comments."

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Ok, good...I'm never quite sure. Some have not figured that out yet.

            Then again, if you take "China" out of "Chinatown"...

            1. re: JThur01

              Los Angeles Chinatown is the unspoken Exhibit A in my Huffington article on why it might not be a good idea to look for Chinese food in Chinatown. Zagat's #1 and #2 Chinese restaurants were Ocean Seafood and Yang Chow. The prosecution rests.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                As uncool as this is taken on this site, I have found Zagat a valuable tool outside California and Internationally. Probably the best overall resource on a large scale. Let the abuse flow!

                1. re: Chandavkl

                  don't forget the inclusion of empress pavlilion. but they did include hop li - at #11.

          2. No Pho 87 on this list?