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Jan 26, 2013 07:56 AM

Boneless wings in Bucks?

Looking for a nice place, preferably not a chain to catch up with a friend and have some boneless wings. In Bucks County. somewhere between Yardley and Chalfont. Friend is in KoP and in in Lambertville. Thanks!

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  1. Not a chain, Blue Dog Tavern is a locally owned place in Chalfont, in the shopping center at 202 and countyl ine road. Easy access for your colleague from KoP via 202/309. They have boneless wings, five sauces. The dining room area is probably better for conversation, the bar area is a bit loud. Very good beer list. Not haute cuisine by any means but would meet your criteria.

    1. A chain, but not a huge conglomerate - Miller's Ale House in Willow Grove has some awesome boneless wings - aka "zingers".

      1. What is a boneless wing? Is it wing meat or a chicken finger/nugget with wing sauce?

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          Its the latter barry. Zingers are a SYSCO product that you can find at a lot of bars, In some cases they may make the breading different than some chicken fingers. In other cases they form them to be like the shape of a wing rather than a nugget.