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Jan 26, 2013 06:33 AM

Large dinner party, around £25 a head excl drinks, Chinese restaurant

Hi all, I need some help please. A group of about 35 friends are going for a birthday dinner next month, and I wonder if anyone could recommend a decent Chinese restaurant in Central or North London with available parking in the area. All suggestions gratefully received, thank you.

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  1. If you want somewhere with parking options you may as well forget about the best central options around Chinatown/soho. If personally suggest yipin china in angel which has fantastic hunanese and Sichuan food. In particular the hunanese stuff is top drawer. The dry wok dishes are the best things on the menu I'd say and I always order dry wok duck.

    Whatever you do, resist the set menu/Cantonese sections which are standard fare uninteresting anglicised dishes.

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      Thank you, this sounds right up my street, especially as it sounds like they have a lot more than the usual dishes. I'll look into it and will give feedback. Appreciated :)

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        yipyin is great, agreed.

        but note - there is plenty of parking in the underground chinatown q-parking lot, as well as plenty of ncp parking in the area.

        if thats ok, there is bar shu, ba shan etc

        1. re: howler

          I admit, you may have trumped me here. I always consider central london a no-go with a car and parking prohibitively expensive. Of course the original poster should note that the car parks round there are an option.

          If venturing that way the best I've been to have been bar shu, ba Shan, golden day and empress of Sichuan (ie. the obvious). The rate of change in Chinatown these days means there's prob one or two places I've missed.

          On the subject of parking, I actually wasn't thinking but angel could also be a problem for parking. If you go on a weekday I bet there's parking restrictions round there up until a certain time, and on a weekend perhaps more difficult. Essentially it'd be worth checking this out.

          All things put together (price, quality, service, atmosphere) yipin china is actually my favourite Chinese in london anyway.

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            yipin is very good, totally agreed.

            there are car parks around - ive seen a few, but as i always take a cab from work to go there, i have never actually used any.

            1. re: howler

              I'm happy to go with Yipin, ticks all the boxes. Trying to see if they can accommodate us all on a Saturday evening, happy to pay a deposit if required. Will keep you posted, thanks again for your input.

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          I'm sorry my feedback is coming so late. I went to Yipin on the 16th of February, and it was a great dining experience. The staff appeared to be a bit flustered at having too deal with a group of 30 women, but the food was very nice especially the steamed bass with chili. I enjoyed it so much that I went back about two weeks later with my family and then again last week with a group of 23 people for a graduation dinner. Thanks again for the recommendation.

          1. re: dejoxy

            Forgot to mention that you get a 10% discount if paying cash, and the prices are quite reasonable, the graduation dinner came to £520 odd including drinks.

        3. In North London, we sometimes go for lunch to Wing Thai within the Wing Yip shop building. You'd need to check opening times. There's plenty of parking.

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            Thank you. We have booked Yipin for the 16th of February. I'll be back after that to give feedback.