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Jan 26, 2013 06:11 AM

OK--I'm thinking of making Steak Tartare...Anyone done that?

The grinder attachment to my kitchen aid hasn't been used in years. So I'm thinking....I want to do steak tartare. I'm wondering --- should I get a filet mignon and grind it? Tenderloin and grind it? I have no issues with raw meat--I've enjoyed this at many restaurants (in France and one here in the states). Raw egg doesn't bother me either. Anyone out there attempt this? I'm curious and also open to suggestions.
Thank you,

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  1. I have made it with Alan Barnes' recipe (which I don't have at the moment, but it's somewhere in the CH archives) with beef tenderloin I had ground at the butcher, and it was quite good.

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    1. I have also had it where the tenderloin was scraped by a spoon. Left a surprising amount of ligaments. The texture is more of a mush though.

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        This is the authentic way to make Lebanese raw lamb. The texture is very smooth and appropriate for this dish, but I wouldn't want my steak tartare this way. (And I certainly wouldn't have the butcher grind the meat!)

        1. It will be interesting to see responses. I did a google search and there seems to be some opinions about grinding vs. using a knife. Also in the cut of meat, some recommend top round (which kind of surprised me).
          Also, the salting of the piece of meat before handling/grinding/cutting was something I hadn't thought of.

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            I make tartare and I would never grind it. Chopping gves a far better texture. The meat of choice for me is tenderloin, although a well aged strip or ribeye would also work.

            Many years ago when I worked in a packing house we sold chopped steak. It was processed with a machine which cut rather than pushed it through a plate. I haven't seen it in years.

            1. re: Bigjim68

              That was my thought, (although I am not a fan of raw meat nor egg), I would chop it instead of grinding it.
              If I wanted to just use a grinder, I would make sausage.

          2. I use a knife. This is a good guide: . Don't bail on the anchovies.

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              Oh god. I love those little anchovies--would never bail on those cuties!