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Jan 26, 2013 05:24 AM

ALDI Coming to Brooklyn - Any Update?

Right before the Sandy storm some news broke about ALDI's (parent of Trader Joe's) opening in Sheepshead Bay sometime in 2013.

Don't know if this has been delayed, but I happen to adore ALDI's unique shopping paradigm. It's certainly no TJs, but is worthy nonetheless...just bring your own bags or use their empty boxes.

Anyone have an update?

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  1. They've stores in Rego Park, East Harlem, and on Gun Hill Rd, Bronx, as well as in Bethpage. Have heard nothing about Sheepshead Bay, tho.


      Ive been to an ALDI in munich and one in berwick, PA, improbably. What they share is a very haphazard organization and a lot of packaged food, not really excellent produce. The German store had excellent fresh baked bread, but I wouldnt necessarily expect that here. I will be interested to see what they have to offer in Brooklyn.

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        The one in Rego Park just introduced their organic line...Not a lot of items, but definitely affordable...and tasty. I was really surprised! From what I have been reading, they roll out items to see how well they do in different markets. The organic line has been out in other states since last year. I hope it sticks, bc both items I tried were really good.

      2. It's supposed to open in October 2013.

        1. TJ's is certainly the better store of the two. Quality can sometimes be lacking, and sometimes the prices compared to name brands is only negligible. My two favorite purchases have been around the Christmas season.

          1) Mini Stollen Bites
          2) Stroopwafels

          1. Walked past Aldi yesterday - signs are up in window and shelves are being installed - must be a matter of at most a week or two

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              Three cheers!

              This could be the best sleeper supermarket in all Brooklyn. With adequate parking and the target market profile of the surrounding neighborhoods, ALDI's will be a clearcut winner.

              Folks will need to get accustomed to their house branding techniques and no bag/no credit card policy, but having many products of the exact calibre/different label as Trader Joe's will compensate. True for chips, spices, sauces that I'm aware of.

              With UPC codes strategically placed on every possible surface of packaging, expect to be through the checkout line in 20 seconds or so.

              1. re: Mike R.

                They have parking?! That's awesome!