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Jan 25, 2013 09:22 PM

jj dolan's and ny pizza

has anyone who has had new york pizza from new york city tried jj dolan's? how does it stack up?

i've lived in nyc for about two years (am from oahu) and haven't found decent ny pizza (or sadly, sandwiches) here. i'm not sure why it hasn't been replicated here cause there was great pizza every block or so where i used to live.

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  1. also, i tried chi town pizza at soho mixed media bar on pauahi and liked it a lot, but i have never had pizza from chicago.

    1. JJ Dollans is not NY pizza. I mean, the size of their pie alone disqualifies it from being a NY pizza IMO. I've had my quibbles with whether I truly dig their pies for a long time....i've often found them overcooked/burny on the bottom...just inconsistent on the cooking at times. and again, not big enough to get that charcteristic NYC pizza slice flop. That being said, I think the flavor of their pizzas (they have a decent selection and a few specials each night) are generally pretty good, and i accept and appreciate their pizza for what it is: well above average bar pizza with a subtle nod to NYC.

      I feel like the only NYC pizza is....Boston's. Of which, I realize is not the best ingredients and ordering reheated slices is never amazing....but i feel like ordering a whole fresh pizza at one of their chains is as close to NYC pizza texture and set-up as we can get around here.

      My current fave, although not NY.... is def the Prima/V-lounge neopolitano style duo...

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        i dig bostons and love it whenever i have it, but when i feel like pizza, i don't think of them first. i'm not sure why that is.

        awhile after bar 35 opened, they had a guy making gourmet pizza (i think valentino?) in the back. his pizza was excellent. small, rectangular, with a crunchy crust and incredible toppings. i was fortunate to be a guinea pig as he was setting up shop, so i got to taste quite a few of the styles.