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Wee Shack--Morro Bay

toodie jane Jan 25, 2013 08:07 PM

Stumbled on a diner of sorts on North Main St, near the intersection with Morro Rd (Highway 41 East). Across a side street from Taco Bell, fronting on N Main. It has been the site other (non-noteworthy) eateries in past years. Something about the sign and a couple of vintage muscle cars parked out front, made me stop. I was hungry for protein between Winter Bird Festival field trips and this looked like it would fit the bill.

The diner/cafe is lineal in layout with a long row of counter stools, and booths and tables front and rear. Out the back door is a leafy inviting enclosed patio with plenty of seating. Med sized wall mounted TV for 'game days', but not obnoxiuosly loud volume.

Looking at the menu told me Wee's is burger territory. I ordered a John Wayne, (jalepeno bacon, onion rings and cheese) minus the chipotle mayo, dry bun style. The buns are large hamburger buns made somewhere local. Not quite brioche but far above the normal deflated burger buns. It held up well to the angus burger's dripping juices. The patty was about 5 inches across and 3/8" thick. I called out for a medium rare and that's what I got. Lightly seasoned with S&P, it needed no additions. Certainly needed no 'special sauce'. It was perfectly juicy and moist. The patty edges were a bit irregular and just slightly crusty. The bacon was thick sliced and smoky.

There are shakes on the menu, (special of the day was Oreo) , onion rings, fries, hot dogs, soup, sliders, chicken sandwich, etc. Always a daily special. The veggie burger is called The Sacred Cow. I believe there are breakfast sandwiches and burritos as well, as hours are 8 to 8 most days.

Family owned by Hey (pronounced Wee) and his brothers and mother. Each time I've been in, there's been a different family member at the counter, gregarious and charmingly cheerful. Casual decor of surfboards and ocean motif with a bit of modern edge. Wee spent his early years cooking baking, and making candy at Crill's by the Rock in Morro Bay. He makes cinnamon rolls, cookies; other pastries as the mood strikes.

I'm working my way through the burger menu, last one was a 'shroom burger, sauteed fresh buttons with carmelized onions. Simple and delicious without being over the top in size and scope like Sylvester's in Los Osos, and I like the vibe in Wee's better. Individualized service makes Wee's a place to get consistant cooking. Too many times my Sly's burger has come burnt on one side and completely overcooked as the kitchen is too small to accomdate the crowds.

I hope other locals and visitors will try Wee's and other menu items to give feedback. I'm not a beer drinker, but for those who are, Tecate Tuesday means $1 beer. Yes, $1.

Clean, laid back atmosphere, casual, prompt and friendly service. Self serve on utensils and drinks, food comes in the typical plastic 'burger baskets' on greaseproof paper. Not fancy, but very tasty.