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Jan 25, 2013 07:12 PM

2 days in Wan Chai with a 2 year old - need recs for dim sum and dinner

I'll be visiting HK from New York for 2 days to eat on the weekend following CNY (6th and 7th day of the Lunar new year). We'll have our 2 year old with us, but she does well in restaurants as long as she has something good to eat, so I don't think it will be too big of a constraint. That being said, we probably would like to stay around Wan Chai/Central for convenience since there'll be 6 of us (in-laws and sister in law coming too).

I would like to have 2 dim sum lunches on those 2 days and two good Cantonese food dinners, and some good snacks in between.

So far I've got a table at Ming Court and Fu Sing for dimsum (tried LKH but they said they're booked out till April). Ming Court is on the Kowloon side, so am looking for something comparable on the HK Island side. When I went to HK 2 years ago, I went to both Fu Sing and LKH for dimsum and really liked them both, so I'd be happy to get something similar.

For dinners, I'm thinking maybe Lei Garden and Man Wah, but again am looking for suggestions. I took a look at the menus of these fancier places for dinner, and am not that familiar with ordering the more refined Cantonese dishes (there's really no high-end Cantonese food anywhere in the US), so specific classic dish recommendations would be very welcome as well.

For snacks, am thinking of Tai Cheong for egg tarts and Mak's for wonton noodles, maybe Joy Hing for some roasted meats. Would love to hear about anything else that's worth a visit.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. In Wan Chai, for refined Cantonese food, first name that comes to mind is Fook Lam Moon! Expensive but excellent food. Service can be touchy if you are not a regular!

    Another place worth considering for dinner is 'The Manor'. Great seafood and Cantonese B-B-Q/Roast meats.

    Dynasty inside the Renaissance Harbour View has pretty good food as well However, unlike the other two, this place has a good view.

    Lei Garden in Wan Chai used to be very good but haven't been for a couple of years and heard quality has gone down hill a little.

    Man Wah is the favorite of fellow chowhounder foodie klyeoh. Unsurpassed view, very expensive and good food but again haven't been for a couple of years! May be too fancy and formal if one brings along a 2 years old?!

    1. did you try the cha siu at Fu Sing? it's amazing, the best version i've ever had. also it's winter, they have hairy crab roe soup dumplings that are unbelievably good

      agreed with Charles Yu about The Manor, make sure to get the 金錢雞 (jin qian ji / gold coin chicken). also, if you want to get roast goose there you need to reserve it a day in advance (i learned about that the hard way)

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      1. re: Lau

        Ref: Fu Sing's Cha Siu
        OP has got a table at Fu Sing for dim sum, so I guess she's got it covered?! However, beware of possible 'rude' service! BTW, when I had FS's 'Wa Gor Cha Siu' last couple of times, it was still good but not as great as before. Somehow the 'wow' factor was lacking??!! At least their claim as Hong Kong's best is questionable?!
        Same goes with Lei Garden's famous 3 layer crispy roast pork. Used to be soooo good but now almost every decent Cantonese restaurant has caught up. So, its no longer a big deal.
        As for the Manor, in addition to the pre-order goose, if you can find enough people, the pre-order 'suckling piglet' is equally awesome!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          yah i saw that she went to fu sing for dim sum, but not necessarily to get the cha siu

          the suckling pig @ manor is really good, but i actually got it last time without pre-ordering it (still good idea to reserve it though)

          1. re: Lau

            Yes, I did get the cha siu at Fu Sing last time, and it was very good.

            One question - there are two branches of Fu Sing. I believe I went to the one on Lockhart Road last time, but there is another branch on Yee Woo Street closer to where we are staying. Is there a noticeable difference between the two branches?

            This is my current plan, given the feedback:
            Saturday lunch: Fu Sing
            Saturday Dinner: Fook Lam Moon
            Sunday lunch: Man Wah
            Sunday DInner: The Manor

            Any other recommended dishes at any of these restaurants would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

            1. re: kewlly

              Fu Sing - I've only been to the one on Lockhart, I actually didn't even realize there was another branch. I highly recommend getting the hairy crab soup dumplings. They also have the best lo bat go I've ever had since you're going for lunch. I think their gold coin chicken was pretty good too, but you're going to The Manor, so I'd just get it there since it's a specialty

              here's a review I did a while ago:

              Manor: i think there were a bunch of recs we gave earlier that I'd go for

              here's the post i did on that, but it's not really that up to date bc the last time i went (when i got alot of food) i forgot to bring my camera

              1. re: Lau

                There are actually '3' Fu Sing now!!!! One in Wan Chai, one in Causeway Bay and a new third one in the Millenium Plaza, Sheung Wan!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  i guess business is good then...good for them, im obviously a big fan of that place