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Jan 25, 2013 07:10 PM

No meal at El Cactus for me tonight

So our group meal at El Cactus got canceled due to the nasty weather. I was really looking forward to a beef chimichanga hot from that place. Maybe next week. And there was to be beer. Sigh.
So are other hounds hunkering down and staying warm or avoiding cabin fever by going out anyway tonight?
Oh, dinner and a movie got canceled at Arnold's Way tonight too. /sniff. Aw well, raw vegan is tough in these temperatures.
As for me, I'm looking for a special bottle I hid a bit too well for just such a frigid, nasty but beautiful winter might.

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  1. We ventured out. But with the traffic, we were unable to make it to Majolica for our reservation. After driving for 45 minutes (which should have been 15), we ended up at From the Boot in Blue Bell on a whim. We did make our concert at the Colonial in time for our friend's band. We were ready to bail on the whole night. I am glad we didn't!!

    1. We went out for a movie too! And although I hadn't seen your post, I was craving some more Mexican so we stopped at El Limon for some sopes and tacos. Their tinga (marinated chicken) is so good!

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        I always seem to want something from a warmer clime when the weather turns bitter.
        Tonight I wanted thai but I was not real smart about it. I needed to hit Cyborg One gaming shop in Doylestown anyway so Thai Spice right in town was a logical choice. For some reason (my brain musta froze) I forgot about the parking problem that has recently developed downtown. I could not park close so I had quite a stroll. Normally I love walking around doylestown but not uphill on an empty tummy when it is this cold. Gah.
        I did have some luck though. With no reservation I rolled in about six pm and the staff kindly gave me and my friend the last table in back that they usually reserve for quick breaks for themselves. Hot green tea never tasted so good. And we got the elephant teapot! How cool is that?
        I kinda forgot about the whole saturday night crowded restaurant thing. Doh. But it was so early. We hit the dinner and a movie crowd heading for the seven pm show at the county theater. Despite the packed house we got our food fast hot and delicious. Most people had brought a bottle of wine. The staff handled the rush with courtesy and good cheer. Next week El Cactus! Unless it snows again. :)