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Tourist Jailed For Forgetting Wallet the Steakhouse still called the cops

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  1. Sometimes those who should know how, don't.

    1. This is why ...while it looks silly every time I leave a place (Home, hotel, work) I pat my pockets, left front phone, right front keys, right back wallet.

      Also every time I go to high end places (over $100 person) I always pay cash. Stop by the ATM and take it out in advance.

      Still the restaurant messed up. There were many ways to resolve this.

      1. I once had a late meal at a diner in NJ, and I had left my wallet in the car. I understood the owner's scepticism as I told him I would be right back with the money. I had very little to offer as collateral, but I was sporting a nicely polished pair of Bass weejuns. He asked me to leave ONE shoe with him. All's well that ends well.

        1. That's what you get for eating at Smith & Wollensky.

          Never had a good meal or good service there.

          1. I saw that story on the news. He offered to leave his phone and take a busboy with him. There was no satisfying the restaurant. Seriously bad PR for Smith and Wollensky. Seriously bad judgement. They should consider firing that manager and releasing a statement saying so or if it is their policy to require the police in such matters, change that policy. Lordy gordy.

            1. updated press release. the cops are saying he did have over $110 in cash he could have given them towards the bill.


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                That revision does not even make any sense. He wanted to give them the cash and his cell phone, but he did not want to give them anything? He had his wallet or had cash, but not enough? He did not ask for the option of a busboy acting as watchkeeper? Pfft. Story round one sounds like the more likely scenario or that he did not have enough money and asked to go to the hotel to fetch the rest and they balked. Very silly business.

              2. by the time you count in the second story that jujuthomas posted, you end up with a serious case of "he said-he said" and absolutely no idea what really happened.