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Jan 25, 2013 05:59 PM

Raw honey in the Triangle area?

I wanted to try raw honey but don't know where to find local stuff that's not crazy expensive. The farmers market? A local grocery?

I live in Cary but work in Chapel Hill, so I'm not opposed to driving a bit.

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  1. Certainly available at the Durham farmers market and most likely at the other fm's in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro and HIllsborough.

    1. Definitely available at the Raleigh State Farmers market which is open 7 days a week. Bee Blessed is in the main building but in the back building (market shoppes) you'll also find a bunch of stores with local honey, raw and otherwise. Even with the natural comb. And it's typically reasonably priced....

        1. While not an option right now since it's winter, DJ's Berry Patch operates a farm stand on their property on Salem Church Rd. in Cary and they have raw honey. When they open up again in the spring, it'll save you a drive.

          1. My friend is a bee keeper and he and his wife have raw honey.

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              Do they sell it, or are you just taunting me? "I got honey and youuuuuuuuu don't!!!!"

              1. re: SheilaGirl

                No they sell it. The Carolina Bee Company.