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Jan 25, 2013 05:22 PM

Hayashi Ya in Brier Creek

Has anyone been? I was planning on sushi next week and saw that the N&O considers it one of the best restaurants of the year.

I re-read the above review and saw all the great references to the fresh and extensive sushi and sashimi menu, even including the option of real wasabi. I didn't see any of those options on the restaurant's website nor did I see them mentioned on any other review sites.

So, since the rest of the family are fans of Haru and care much more about the quality of the sushi, can anyone offer a first-hand opinion?

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  1. We've done carry out from there a couple of times. It was quite good as good as any local sushi option. Not worth a drive from our home in the depths of Carrboro, but if we're driving back from Raleigh, it's a great option.

    1. I've been pretty disappointed in my experiences there. PLUS the prices are quite high for what they serve. My favorite sushi in the area is from Neo Asia on 70/Glenwood, (then a tie between Shiki in Durham and Sushi Thai in Raleigh) but in Brier Creek I would direct you towards Tasu rather than Hayashi Ya.

      1. Glad you asked. I've been wondering, too. Menu certainly doesn't give me much hope. Could it have been a typo?

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          I'd like to think that Greg Cox didn't make that kind of typo, but who knows how things may have changed since his review? Honestly, I'm scared to risk that much money on what seems to be a risky proposition. At this point we're probably going to go with Haru. We know the menu, know the quality, and trust the itamae. To me, sushi is more about trusting the chef than about how many unexpected ingredients the kitchen can throw into a half-priced over-sized roll.

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            Well, we were near Briar Creek the other day and gave it a try. Sadly, we were both right. Place is not very good. Sushi had small portion of rice, which is good, sashimi was nicely cut but strangely had little taste. Tempura was swimming in grease. I think maybe Greg Cox just can't be trusted with Japanese food.