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Jan 25, 2013 05:21 PM

Can I freeze salmon I put in a brining solution?

Last Sunday I had tossed a couple of salmon filets in a brine prior to sous vide preparation. It was in the brine for 20-30 minutes and I took them out and sealed them in a couple of bags. Unfortunately, dinner had to be canceled so I ended up tossing the bags in the freezer (after leaving them in the fridge for a couple of hours). Just wanted to make sure that there aren't any ill-effects in doing that when I take them out this coming Sunday for a second attempt at dinner.

Another thing of note: The salmon was slathered in a bit of EVOO before sealing.

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  1. I see no ill effects at all if freezing.

    I often buy large portions of salmon when on sale, bring home and vac seal is individual portions and freeze.

    Thaw gently in the fridge overnight or in cold water in a bowl or pot and proceed as planned.

    Freezing (unless flash frozen) will slighly harm the cell walls as the water in the fish expands, but since it holds far less water than say, fruits or veggies, you should be fine.

    Again, I do it all the time and never had a quality issue after thawing and cooking. If I did, I can guarantee I would not do it and buy only fresh, but that is not the case.

    Good luck.

    1. The texture will be effected somewhat but they are still fine to eat IMO. Many moons ago when the kids were eating us out of house and home and I was commercial fishing I'll bring home a hundred or so pounds of rock cod/ling cod/halibut/salmon. We fillet them and pack them into those waxed cardboard large milk containers then pour in salted water to fill then staple the containers closed then into the freezer. When we wanted fish my wife would take a container of two out of the fridge the day before or thaw them in cold water in the sink. The fillets were always very tasty. By freezing the fillets we apparently killed some or most of the worms too.