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Birthday Sushi

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I want to have a quiet, romantic sushi dinner with my special someone. Suggestions for great sushi along with the ability to speak without a great deal of background noise would be appreciated. Added to the complexity is a Friday or Saturday night.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Whatever you do, do not go to Tiger Sushi in uptown. Awful, overpriced food and even when the place is dead, it is always loud because of the music they have blaring in the background. My suggestion would be Obento Ya in Minneapolis. Excellent food and the setting is somewhat romantic.

    1. Origami in Minneapolis is probably the most quiet sushi joint I've been to in the TC. The sushi itself is also very good.

      1. I second the nomination for Origami in downtown Mpls. By far, my favorite sushi place in the twin cities. Good ambience. Incredible sushi. Not too loud.
        I don't think they take reservations though, but I've never had to wait long for a table if at all.

        1. Piling on.....you want Origami for great sushi and low background noise. Even better if you can sneak upstairs in a corner table, just to be cozy.

          Masu could be an option, but it would have to be later for Fri/Sat to be a bit more quiet.

          1. I am partial to Sakura in Downtown St. Paul.

            1. Origami if you're on the west side of town; Sakura if you're on the east side. Just check the Xcel Center schedule first; Sakura can get crowded if the right event is going on at the X.

              1. I second Origami but with one reservation. Sit at the sushi bar. I've never enjoyed Origami's sushi nearly as much when I sit at a table. Maybe it's just me.

                1. Thanks for the suggestions and recommendations. We went to happy hour at Origami. What a wonderful, romantic, and financially reasonable choice. Thanks for the tip. This will not be just saved for special occasions. Happy Hour for the two of us was under $25 with hot sake and tip included. We did sit at the Sushi bar and the service was impeccable. Thanks again and I highly recommend this to others.