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Jan 25, 2013 04:58 PM

Red Pheasant Cape Cod

I love this place in the winter because of the cozy bar and fireplace. Derek, the bartender is great. I met Steve, a friend I met on Yelp. It was a cold frosty night and I was starving. I started with a cup of tea and ordered the Ahi tuna. I didn't want the soba noodles so asked for more veggies. The tuna was served perfectly seared, rare. There were two bites of bok choy. The Asian BBQ sauce did not blend well with the tuna in fact it really made the plate unappetizing. Steve liked his salmon scallop ceviche. The Joseph Carr Pinot Noir was perfect. Martha, the waitress in the dining room is a love. Just didn't love my dinner but previous evenings, the food was spot on good. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a lovely meal on a cold evening..

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  1. My favorite down that way was always Blue Moon Bistro but alas they're gone.